Memorable Melaka

On our way back to KL from JB last month we had a little detour to Melaka. Hanis Zalikha to be blamed. I watched her (son’s) reality show the other day and they had this roadtrip to Melaka just to find foodsss. She was 39wks pregnant during the shoot. While i was 34wks masa masuk Melaka tu he he

We checked out at 12noon so when we reached Melaka it was just in time for a late lunch. Masa tu dalam 3pm kot. So our first destination was of course the famous Ee Ji Ban Chicken Rice Ball! 

Punyalah susah nak dapat parking memula tu. So my husband dropped me first to find meja for us. Around 15mins baru dapat meja phew. So many ppl i tell youuu. 

We ordered their chicken rice balls (1 set 10pcs, RM3). But nasi for aaqil. Half chicken. Kailan goreng. Fishball soup. Nyonya petai squid goreng garam (mcm sambal gitu). Sedapppnya. Especially the rice balls. Aaqil last2 paw ktorg punya hihi. So we ordered another 10pcs πŸ˜†

The price was a bit on the high side because half chicken is the minimum order. If not, we cant dine in (as pasted on their wall). So if you go in a group of 4 adults, the portion would be just nice. 

Dengan kekenyangan, we cont our journey to search for the Kuih Keria Gula Melaka! THE keria. Hehe. The stall was only less than 15mins journey from the chicken rice shop. When we reached there, there was around 40ppl queueing, but the keria was not there LOL! I guess theyre all waiting for the next batch of keria to arrive. So we parked our car, grab an umbrella (it was scorching hawtt) and joined the long q. Since the q was not moving so my husband and aaqil went for zohor+asar at the nearby masjid.

….10 minutes later, the ‘staff’ came with packs of keria. There were at least 20packs kot. The first few ppl in the q bought one-five packs each haha. Memang tgk situasi tu akakkk konfirm takde rejeki nak makan keria viral. Even the q was not moving. Yet. 

Then one hamba allah, a young lady, approached me and hand me over a piece of keria that she managed to grab. She said “awk ambiklah saya bagi free. At least tau rasa dia. Takut tak sampai turn awk…” All eyes were on me. Refused to take the keria at first but looking at her face, she was really sincere. So peganglah seketul keria kat tangan kanan, kiri pegang payung. Hehe

Few minutes later, a young man approached me and hand me over 2 packs of keria!!!! Of course I refused! He insisted. Ok how should i react to this. So i asked him “err berapa ringgit ni ya..byk sangat ni” “eh takpelah kak. Isteri saya pun mengandung ni saya beli utk dia jadi saya beli utk akak jugak”………

Speechless. Allah bless these generous and thoughtful ppl. May Allah grant them more rezeki…

So i walked away from the q with most of the eyes were on me. I was stunned with the generosity 😍

We enjoyed the keria so much that we almost finished the whole packs (20pcs) in less than an hour! Considering our tummy full masa tu LOL. The keria were soooooooooooo goooooooddddd alhamdulillah …

We reached KL almost maghrib, mandi solat and out for coin laundry&light dinner hehe. No klebang coconut shake but thats okay. Next pregnancy lah cemtuw 😜😜

Thank you Melaka for the memories, see you again inshaAllah with the new addition in the family amiiiin

The Unforgettable 38w4d Checkup

So a week after we went for another check up. Which was yesterday. The hilarious one i must say. Funny but complicated. Lol

Few days before i was sooo looking forward for birth, coz first; my husband finally here (yay!), second; its about time when Aaqil was born ie at around 38wks, third; cant wait to meet this lil bub, his weight is just niceeee, just the right ‘size’ for me to push him out😜 I even googled “gentle birthing tips” and “how to induce labor naturally” ha ha thats how serious i was. We even planned the long weekend for jalan2 at mall dari hujung ke hujung just to kickoff the labor ;p

So yesterday, husband teased me. Nak naik tangga tak sampai tingkat 6 (the clinic) . But i replied takpelah, tgk nanti kalau baby belum engagaged kita turun pakai tangga lah. He he.

I gained 2kgs in a week!! Yayy. Siap cakap yesss masa timbang. Nurse tu pun pelik2 tny kenapa suka haha. 

Fiza called my name. Tak sempat nak duduk dpn Dr Seri terus Dr Seri cakap “kausar duk diam2 ya” pastu tgk my face clueless, dia sambung…”Coz i’ll be flying to xxx tonite. I’ll only be back on 1 Feb…”

Buntang mata jap. Taktau nak react camne. Pandang husband. Pastu sengih lama2 tergelak sbb kelakar dr seri cakap gitu 😝😝

Dr Seri kata the plan was adhoc and she has to make this trip yada yada. Family related thingy. Tapi rasa cam kelakarrrr sangat the whole session we were laughing our hearts out sebab now we have to plan to just stay home the whole weekend lol. And no more Jan babyyyy. Dgn Fiza2 pun sama masuk dalam cerita psl cny holiday plan lol

Dr Seri quickly ok let us scan the baby so we know where we’re at. She pressed my tummy. Oooo tinggi lagi ni. Phew baby has not engaged yet. Haha phew okay. And he gained 200g in a week alhamdulillahhh. No more worries. Ummi makan byk. If the babys out after Dr Seri balik, he’ll prolly be 3.2kg camtu whoaaa. Aaqil was only 2.85kg mind you. She even said that she doesnt like to induce her patients just because she’ll be away for vacation its ufair to them. And she’s not keen on ‘giveaway’ her patients to other gynaes. Mcm rasa xbest gitu. Awwww

The head was still ‘floating’ as shown in the ultrasound screen. Not in the birth canal yet. Not just yet. Alhamdulillahh 

Dr Shilpa will be replacing Dr Seri’s cases when shes away. But ye lah of course you want your own gynae to be there when u in labor kan. Plus shes the only muslim lady gynae in the hosp. I want her to sambut my baby…

So. For now, all i can do is not to induce labor naturally just yet. Let the baby snuggle a lil bit longer. Enjoy the last few days being preganant. Aaqil to enjoy his last few days of being the only child. Oh and did i tell you that i’ve begin my nesting instinct — i can spent this cny weekend spring cleaning my wardrobe, my fridge, my freezer… He he

Having said that, on topppppp of everything, the most important thing is my baby is safely delivered, healthy and we both have no complications post delivery. Amiin. Whoever sambut the baby is no 2. Babies know their birthday. Allah knows best. Right. 
Oh we’ll be meeting the gynae again on 2nd Feb! What happen in between today to that date is rahsia Allah. Pray for us!! ❀️

Of Recent Checkup

So earlier today we went for our 38wks check up. Was quite nervous the whole time because we need only oneeeeeee more week before we can let the baby out. Aci ke ayat cemtuh. Coz next week husband will still be in KK. And i still have to close out my project final review. CNY only we can call “its timeeee babyyyyy” 😜 So sekarang baby pls help yourself inside ummi buatlah mcm rumah sendiri sementara tunggu walid balik okayy

So i just gained 100gram from my weight 2wks ago ie 60.7kg. Say whatttt. We actually went for brunch at Haslam prior to the checkup — nasi campur ngan roti canai pisang dgn 2gelas air. So i thot that wud make me emm 2kgs heavier, no? In total i’ve gained 13kgs from my pre pregnancy weight. Ok la kan. 

So masa scan i was hoping that the baby took all the 100g plus 100g from i dunno where. Our 36wks recorded 2.6kgs. Today? 2.76kg. When Dr Seri plotted the fetal growth in the chart, it seemed the baby growth is at plateau abit. Growth not as expected. 


“Hmm kenapa eh doc. Saya makan banyak dah… Amniotic fluid ok kan”

“Tu la i tgk mcm plateau ni. Hmm. Let me measure the fluid. So far i nampak normal je. If not i kena induce you…”

Terus muka pucat pandang husben. Dalam hati doa supaya everything is normal. I dun fancy the word induce. Tskkk

“Ok sini ok. Here also ok. Hah… Ur fluid level just fine. Kenapa ni adikkkk. I rasa u memang jenis ruan kecik ni…”

Pandai Dr Seri sedapkan hati i huhu

Oh btw baby still on the high side. Tak turun lagi. Which makes me relief. Coz we need at least another week pretty pls. CNY onwards nanti kita jalan bebanyak ok. Ukur jubin mall, squat dsbg

So next checkup is in 6days. 

Lepas pcmc singgah low yat plaza. Husband nak cari barang. So lepak minum frappe nak kasi berat katanya. But honestly i ate a lot. Err i think. Tho at times i ate in less portion coz my tummy getting smaller i guess. 

As long as the baby is fine and healthy we are more than happy amiiin

So baby pls stay put til next checkup and grow sikit je lagi before we meet okayhhh ❀️

2016 Rolla Costah

cant believe its already the last day of 2016! I’d say this year flies so fast u have no idea. So many ups and downs, dreams shattered, plans gone haywired, unexpected gift and surprisingly we managed to go through this year phewwww*lap peluh* … syukur ke hadrat ilahi

Familyplanning-wise, I can still remember we (our little family) started the year with high hope that my husband will demob to KL from Ashgabat for good in Feb; after been let down for few months, as promised by HR…since early 2015 mind u ;( So we braved few more weeks to Feb 2016. I even have my calendar being strikes out day by day, countdownla kunun. 

Come Feb, we got another news. All mob-demob of personnel kena freeze due to restructuring exercise throughout the company. Not only we were upset with the postponement, but with the not-so-happy rumors on salary cutting la, vss la, downsizing la etc. Feb was an emotional month for both our careers and family planning. I was sooooo overwhelmed with so many things in my head that i decided to leave Facebook (until today alhamdulillah still sober lol). Deleted fb from my phone. Thats what i did. Walaupun ekceli takde kena mengena pun dengan re-org tu. Kebetulan je. Hehe. Just so happen that i want to clear up my mind (fb ni kadang semak especially bila ada benda viral dan it occupies my mind yg tgh semak masa tu hihi). 

So yeah dari Feb pospon ke Mac. And finallyyyyyyy 19th March my husband finally back in KL like finally. 3x finally tu haha. Kurang beberapa hari je tu genap 4 tahun bermastautin di bumi Turkmenistan huhu. No doubt the country has been good to us, the memories we will forever cherish in our life ❀️

Not even 2 weeks we celebrated his homecoming, the company was vss-ing ppl, moving the staff, trasfer sana transfer sini. Then we heard rumors that my husband’s name was NOT in KL. Say whatttt. I even have the possibility to be transferred outside KL. What will happen to all our 2016 plans and dreams and —–

30th of March, at our airbnb stay in the middle of Tokyo city, we braved ourselves with the news…ie reading his letter of transfer to *drumrolls* Sabah operations. It was such an emotional night for both of us. Terus pk Aaqil camne, i camne, dia camne…after so many yrs being apart…then this happens.

It took us few hours to finally fall asleep and decided to sleep on it haha. Pagi tu macam2 idea keluar – sambil nak bersiap ke Disneyland. Can u imagine our mix of emotions at that time. We were on vacation and dealing w not so good news at the same time. My husband tried his luck to delay the date of mob to Sabah. Pujuk bos la. Riki HR la. But little that we know that not only us facing the sudden news. Some of our close friends been offered w vss. Some others went through the same ordeal as us, ie LDR and most of em w small kids. Alhamdulillah it  took us less than a day to actually digest this news and redha. Acceptance is hard but  thats the only option we have. And make the best of it. Alhamdulillah im still at KL office so its just back to square one. Cuma i no longer stay w my parents that is. New challenge tu. 

Financial-wise, it has been one of the most challenging year. Firstly, we no longer enjoy the international allowance that we hav since 2012. Now we are quite tight up with this ‘new arrangement’ ie we have to impulsely buy a 2nd car, new furnitures for the house at Sabah, monthly rental n expenses, AND the weekly flight ticket KK-KL-KK. Quite a big chunks of RM there. Aaqil was not happy with walid only around during weekends. But thats the best arrangement we can make for him so that it wont be the same as walid-kat-Ashgabat. Inshaallah duit flight tu berbaloi. Nak kira brp habis mmg nangis tapi life goes on. Ini bahagian kami…❀️ at least husben kat kk. Ada kawan tu wife kat bintulu, dia kat kl. Anak 2org kecik2 lg. Bintulu tu ada satu je kot flite pegi balik kl tiap hari. So my fren jaga si kakak, wife jaga baby. Cant imagine of we were in their shoes… Allah uji ikut kemampuan hambaNya…

Despite that,

Allah granted our du’a in front of Kaabah, at haramain, in Raudhah, ie to conceive again. Alhamdulillah. 2 months after my husband transferred to Sabah, we received this big-beyond-happiness news. Allah Maha Kaya. Allah Maha Adil. With me alone w Aaqil and this lil bub inside me, i know that if He get us to this, He will get us through this. My pregnancy so far alhamdulillah no complications. Allah blessed me with energy and redha and sabar. He knows my limit. Ada sorang kawan cakap, bila diuji macam ni, barulah kita rasa sangat pergantungan kita hanya pada Allah, bukan pd manusia…so true!!😭😭

And the pregnancy just became the highlight of my year. All the tears and frustrations during the first quarter of the year seems nothing. Allah is the best planner. He wont give us all. He leave us with a tiny ongoing ujian so that we keep on remember Him. Syukur…

Oh so THAT πŸ‘†πŸ‘†πŸ‘† my fellow readers, are my 2016 roller coaster ride highlights he he. Other than that, in random..

1. We went to Japan(woot!) during sakura blooming – spring in March. Japan is just uhmaaazinggg. We wish to comeback someday he he. Mahal naw naw so kena tunggu tabung Aaqil penuh. Eh πŸ˜ŠπŸ™ˆ

2. I dunno how this made to the list but looking at the no of purple boxes growing giv me somewhat therapy hihi. Yes I got dUCk-ed. Like a pregnancy hormones or something. Frankly i’ve once condemned the brand for putting ridiculos price on a scarf. Tapi tak tahan beb. Especially bila tgk cite Love Vivy. Baby nak jgk lol salahkan baby. My fav would be the PB satin silk. N those georgettes. Chiffons pun best. Pendek je la ducktower tu compare ngan hardcore duckies hehe. My next target is their #worldmapduck. Moga berjaya dalam battle ittewwπŸ˜†πŸ˜† If u nak try ducks tapi xmo spend too much you can go to ig #duckscarvestoletgo and buy the preloved ones w cheaper price. Tapi premium basics je la. Yg limited ed macam bloomingduck tu harga makin naik adalah sampai almost rm1k selai. Hehe

3. Aaqil been rushed to emergency due to high fever TWICE! Within less than 2mths gap. Sekali bln puasa, lg sekali cuti merdeka. Luckily nothing serious. Only infection so after few hrs under close monitoring he was discharged. And both happened during weekdays so husband wasnt around. Alhamdulillah my dad and lil sister were available to accompany us during those hard times. My family is definitely my strengths.

4. Trip to KK and Kundasang for a week. So happen that Aaqil’s school was closed for whole week during EidAdha+Hari Malaysia so i took leave and spend a week there. Supposed to blog about this but so malas. Later i pwomise.

5. Aaqil needs to wear glasses! I was quite upset when his specialist revealed to us the news. I was in denial. He’s supposed to start wearing ’em in Aug. But i just ignore the prescription letter by the doctor. Suami pun xmo paksa nnt mak buyung marahh hihi. Until in Nov if im not mistaken, I finally told my husband ok lets do this. Power dia tak tinggi sgt pun dlm 75 gtu je. Tapi silau tinggi. We also dont want his squint eyes to recur. We went high and low looking for the most suitable glasses for his age. Yelah budak2 kan lasak, belum pandai jaga barang etc. So MIRAFLEX is the best brand in town. Very practical and comfortable for kids. The frames are made of rubber, comes w more than 20 colors! Cantikk. Cuma downside dia adalah tak byk kedai ada brand ni. We finally found his glasses at a very small optical store at Mydin PV12. So far dah pakai dekat 3wks and he seems okay with it alhamdulillah 

6. One of the sweetest memory for 2016 was ; Aaqil received an award for Best Khalifah in his class during Ihtifal ceremony! Alhamdulillah. Also he is now able to read in Malay. He just started ReadEasy for english few months back. We are forever proud of him regardless. May he continues to excel in both academic n akhlak n a better muslim for sure. Amiin

7. Recently we went for our babymoon(nak jugak) cum roadtrip cum LegoLand trip for year end vacation! SO.MUCH.FUN… Coz we also cramped in our iteneraries with jjcm at JB and Melaka. Bestttt! Later jugak i blog if rajin hihehu

  Our most recent photo – boxing day 2016 πŸ‘ŠπŸ‘Š Me @ 34wks😱

And that my dear, wraps up our 2016. No doubt it has been colorful with lots of love and blessings alhamdulillahhh 

May 2017 brings us more hope, more happiness, more rezeki and better person amiiin! ❀️

Half Way There

In any pregnancy, this is one of the most long awaited and exciting moment — feeling your baby move πŸ™‚ 

Masa ‘Aaqil dulu ingat lagi first time rasa “dubb” kat dalam tu masa raya puasa, kat Baling. Masa tu dlm 20-21wks pregnant. Terkejut sebab ehhhhhh. Lepas tu asik tunggu je next kick hehe.

Kali ni dia rasa mild2 je start dari 17wks. Macam bubble gitu. Tak reti pulak identify significant kick. Mungkin sebab bukan 1st pregnancy so kita cepat notice perubahan dalam rahim. Sekarang pun rasa ala2 gelombang. Dan paling obvious malam2 lepas dinner ❀️ 

Alhamdulillah. Moga anak ummi membesar dengan sihat dan kuat dan sempurna segalanya, selamat hingga fullterm, amiin.

Now dah nak masuk 21wks. Will be going for detailed scan end of this month. Nervous pulak rasa. 

Mual2 dah takde. Tapi alahai on off pulak tonsil bengkak, batuk selsema sakit tekak. Doktor bagi antibiotik tapi takmau makan sebab tak berani bila google(well google kata semua xleh). Dont wanna risk anything so i prefer to go natural heal. Tho i still take small dose of pcm sebab kadang dah tak tahan sangat melepek sian kat ‘Aaqil. Ada sekali tu sampai demam panas so pasrah telan pcm. Antibiotik tu i ganti dengan makan Garlic Complex Shaklee. Alhamdulillah 2hari bengkak tonsil surut. Tu yg paling best utk substitute pcm. Thumbs up! Cuma batuk selsema ni bertahan je pantang la air sejuk jap, minum air panas air suam atau honey lemon je. Asalkan tak demam kita tunggu je la dia heal sendiri. Inshaallah…

Selera makan kali ni tak macam masa 1st dulu. Tak mampu lagi nak makan banyak gila. Selera ada tapi masih portion biasa. Terkejut pabila kenyang sebelum waktunya. Eh eh seperti kaciwa pula hehehhehe. Tingin la nak makan lunch dinner lepastu lapar lagi boleh makan desert tapi nan ado. Takpe asalkan baby sihat je ummi ok. Nanti bfeed kita makan banyak2 k ;p

Lagi nak bebel pasal penyakit malas. Saya pregnancy #2 adalah malas. Tapi malas tu takleh dilayan. Oh kalau boleh dilayan memang bahaya. Mujur suami jauh jadi penyakit malas tu tidak terlalu berleluasa dan semakin parah lol. Pastu suka tido lajak2. Padahal belum 3rd tri lagi. Kemon kemon. Alkisah nak tido puas2 nanti nak kena jaga baby tgh malam. Cant imagine those having babies back to back with toddlers some more. Where you guys (i mean mommies) get your energy huh? 

Yang kelakar tu sejak 1st tri dah panic  attack. Buat jadual pagi sampai malam ie mandikan anak2, basuh botol2, basuh bpump, aaqil nak kena makan, baby nak susu, ummi bfeed ni kelaparan kena masak sedap2, siapkan barang skool/nurseri. Mana nak basuh baju sidai baju. Dulu masa ‘Aaqil baby duk umah mak. Mak siap masak, so tinggal melahap makan je. baju pun tinggal lipat je mak n adik2 dah tlg basuh jemur. Sobs. I was so lucky and blessed!

Baby bump? Masih boleh sorok. Masih boleh pakai baju n blouse n skirt prepregnancy. Seluar kije ada 2 helai je masih boleh pakai. Jeans dah kena pakai button extension. I foresee next month kena shopping (yay!) for maternity pants and nursing blouses. Inshaallah…

Ok lah sekian bebelan pabila kerajinan menaip itu datang. Sebagai tatapan di masa depan. Gitew. Till next post.


Another Bun in The Oven

Bismillah. Yes, Im pregnant again, syukur. 

First trimester just ended today. Phew, alhamdulillah. This time around has been more or less the same macam masa aaqil dulu.

Ada la beza sikit compared to last time terutama sebab kali ni dah takleh manja sangat. Husband is only around during weekends, so…yeah. Let me recap,

– no vomitting syukur. Tapi mual tu normal la. Same cam dulu

– ohoi kali ni takde craving (so far). Cuma ada satu time tu selera nak western je. Imagine nasi berlauk pun boleh memualkan. Scroll ig penuh gambar food pun rasa mual haih

– timing 6 ke 10wks tu masa bulan puasa. So go figure. Penat ngantuk lapar mual semua bersatu. Alhamdulillah Allah beri kekuatan utk puasa penuh. Tapi puasa 6 tak dpt kali ni. Sungguh mencabar itellyou

– syukur juga diberi kekuatan nak buat housechores on weekdays. Aaqil pun dah besar dan faham ummi tak larat. Buat susu sendiri, gi toilet sendiri, mandi sendiri, kemas toys sendiri. Walau kadang kena jd mommymonster haha

– kali ni takleh minum air masak. Rasa mual. Nak air manis dan berperisa je. 

– bab memasak boleh je cuma malas. Takde isu bau tumisan pun cuma isu malas nak masak. Dalam seminggu tu mungkin 2-3x je masak

– bertenaga di hari bekerja tetapi elok suami sampai rumah jumaat malam, terus tetiba nak baring lebih. Lembik. Blame the hormone hihi

– bau kereta masih tak menyenangkan. Stat enjin je terus bukak semua tingkap. Fresh air fresh airrrrr

– bau bilik sendiri yg sangat xbest. Sampai ada satu time tu tukar cadar tilam bantal semua. Tapi sama jurrrrr

– rasa mual bila perut kosong dan bila perut terlampau kenyang. Kena makan tiap 2jam tapi takleh lelebih

– lately selalu pening lebih. Muka pucat. Bibir kering. Bila pregnancy glow nak mai ni ;p

Not whining. Just my notes for future. We are beyond happy with this pregnancy. Waited for years (plus we were and still on long distance). Thank you Allah for this miracle. Buku merah dah buat minggu lepas hihi. Milestone!

Nah belanja satu gambar… 

Ultrasound scan at 12wks☺️ #abangsikatbelahtepi

Do make du’a for us. May Allah protect the baby(and us) and bless this journey ❀️

Oishii Halal Japan!

Disebabkan Jepun ni ada banyak pilihan makanan yg authentic, jadi jalan2 kali ni antara misi kami adalah mencari halal Japanese cuisine. Sushi, ramen, takoyaki, udon, tempura, teppanyaki, bento haha. Alahai rindunya. Kat malaysia ni pun susah nak jumpa restoran Jepun yg 100% halal. Kat Jepun uols boleh google je atau carik kat ig dan sekarang siap ada apps lagi untuk cari makanan halal.

1000yen = RM37

1. Halal Ramen Gion Naritaya, Kyoto   The chef in action!
 List of menu. Sebab 2x dtg sini spjg trip hampir semua menu ktorg try. Semua berbaloi. 


‘Aaqil dengan ramen kegemaran dia. Clear soup. Habis makan sorang. Not a picky eater this boy alhamdulillah senang bwk jalan

 Dah kenapa post time bulan pose ni arghhhh. Dry ramen Mazesoba. Atas condiments, tgh ramen, bwh special oil. Gaul pastu ngappp

  Wagyu Rice. My first time makan wagyu beef. Manis sedappp. Ni size small sebab nak jgk rasa wp dah makan ramen takut kempunan

  Chicken Karaage. Basically ayam goreng rangup juicy. Ni pun kes takut kempunan. Tapi habis ya semua tak membazir. Sedapnyaaa ayam ni 😭😭
 Sila rotate gambar. Ni dry ramen perisa kari. Sedap sebab ada sentuhan nasi kandar sikit hahahhaha
2. Ayam-Ya , Kyoto  

This one dry ramen with kuah ala2 miso. Budak2 dpt milo free (import dr malaysia siyes xtipu)

 Padahal tgh lapar kan. Ni ada student msia tolong snapkan. I had spicy ramen. Husband ramen in soy soup xsilap. Canggih order menu ala2 vending machine pastu dpt kupon n bg kat waitress. Spicy ramen dia sedap sangat nak nangis #mohonjanganmengidam

Lama kitorang lepak sini. Lepas makan, solat jama’ siap2 sebab kat luar hujan lebat. Keluar2 dah xujan. Oh Ayam-Ya ni sediakan surau yg sgt selesa! Siap asing laki pempuan πŸ™‚
3. 7-Eleven. Haha!   Onigiri! Aka nasi kepal. Kat Jepun ni byk je speedmart jual nasi kepal ni. Tapi pastikan beli yg takde alkohol. Nak selamat beli yang kosong takde isi. Merata kitorang cari siap mintak org bacakan ingredients, tanya kawan yg kerja sini etc. last2 ada jual kat 7-e je rupanya. 100yen seketul. Balik dr Disneyland, kami makan dgn brahims yg direheat. Selesai 5ketul. Alhamdulillah kenyangg

4. Sushi Ken, Asakusa Tokyo

 Utk sushi tu boleh pilih nak with or without wasabi. Kalau with, dia akan gaul terus dgn nasi sushi tu. Perghhh. Sedap n fresh. Seketul sushi dlm 150-400yen. Kalau sushi roll jual in 6’s. Ada juga jual sushi platter, tempura platter. Kami pilih sushi ala carte je..

   Mula2 ambil tempura ala carte. Lpstu sedap sgt so ambil lg tempura platter. Kenyang gila! Aaqil suka udang tempura tu. Udang besarrrr
 The ambiance. Kakak yg baju putih tu one woman show. Dia amik order, hantar order, cashier, usher tunjuk tmpt solat, fotografer hihi all in. Jimat kos. Blkg tu tmpt sushi disediakan liveeee. Yup atas tu ada tmpt solat juga. 10bintang!

 Ni lah gambar yg kakak tu ambilkan. Setiap pengunjung akan diambil gmbr utk diletakkan kan fb page SushiKen. So mintak amikkan satu utk kamera ktorang hehe

  Tadaaa! Nah tips utk sesiapa ingin ke Tokyo. Ni area Asakusa. Lagi byk mknn Jepun with halal cert drp kat Malaysia. Cuma jauhlah kalau nak pergi huwaaaaaaa

Semua tempat makan kat atas ni boleh google je sure jumpa. Memang kaki kematu sikit la kena berjalan dari train station tapi berbaloi. Sebabtu kami order banyak2 #justifiedtakhaha

5. U-don, Kansai Airport Osaka   Ada terjemahan bahasa Melayu lagi kat menu tu. Ada udon, tempura, nasi ayam teriyaki etc

 Order dan ambil kat kaunter je. Tempura tu pun dah siap boleh pilih. Makan sementara tunggu flite balik ke KL.

   Tu dia section Tempura. Rambang mata dappppppp

 Kat KIX ni ada 3 restoran halal yg certified. Juga ada surau yg spacious. Siap ada pamplet untuk Muslims Guide.

Secara keseluruhannya, Jepun ni agak muslim friendly banding dgn negara lain mcm Eropah ke. They make effort to accomodate us muslims. And most of all, they UNDERSTAND muslims. Kalau restoran atau menu yg muslim friendly, we have to make order 3days in advance. Sebab? Diorang nak prepare bahan dan perkakasan memasak supaya betul2 halalan toyyiban. Sebab yg restoran kategori “Muslim Friendly” ni they serve nonhalal menus. So halal cuisines are upon request. I love Japan #tetiba 

so bila nak repeat ni *wink kat suami*

JR Pass dan Shinkansen

Salah satu tarikan Jepun sudah semestinya bullet train atau dipanggil shinkansen. Kalau ke Jepun tapi tak naik shinkansen ni macam kira kena datang balik lah kira nya. Tak cukup syarat ye. Hihi.  

Ada 2 jenis shinkansen ni. Hikari dan Nozomi. Nozomi ni yang paling laju. Kalau Osaka-Tokyo tu makan masa 3 jam. Hikari mungkin ambil masa 3.5 jam.

Cuma, Nozomi ni kena beli single ticket. Tak boleh pakai JR Pass. Satu trip Osaka-Tokyo tu dalam RM500 bila diconvert. Haaaa. Kalau pergi balik mau RM1k. Per adult tau!

  So apa tu JR Pass? Pass yg layak dibeli oleh tourist sahaja. Org local takleh pakai. Maka kena beli siap2 kat negara masing2. Macam saya, beli kat Isetan KLCC. Ada kaunter JTB kat level 2 tak silap. Beli tiket, dia akan bagi macam kat atas ni. Bila dah sampai Jepun, kena pergi kaunter JR untuk tukar kepada JR Pass yg sebenar.

Haa ni lah dia JR Pass nya. Kalau untuk yang 7-day pass, harga 29100yen/adult. Untuk kanak2 6 tahun ke bawah FOC dgn syarat, takleh amik seat. Kalau train tak full bolehla amik seat. Pandai2la. 

Oh boleh juga reserve seat. Topup dlm 8000yen tak silap per trip. Gerabak reserved seat juga lain daripada yg free seating. 

Selain boleh pakai utk naik shinkansen (Hikari), JR Pass ni jugak boleh pakai utk naik apa2 tren atau bas di bwh nama JR line. So kalau return trip ke epot pun boleh jugak. All in. Kena tau la mana line boleh pakai JR Pass mana yg tak boleh. 

Cuma tunjuk je pass ni (bahagian tarikh tu. Mcm kitorg punya tu expired 2/4/2016) selagi dalam date tu bolehla pakai. Activate kad bila korang betul2 nak pakai. Sebab once tukar jd JR Pass, boleh pakai 7hari seterusnya sahaja. Kena plan itinerary elok2 supaya sempat kaver area yg pakai JR Pass seoptimum mungkin. 

Tapi misal kata awk nak datang Jepun tapi nak jenjalan kat Tokyo sahaja atau Osaka sahaja atau Sapporo sahaja maka tak berbaloi lah amik JR Pass ni. Sebab yg costly nya adalah shinkansen tu. Yakni tren yg menghubungkan bandar2 dalam Jepun. Ada juga JR West pass, Jr East pass. Bila nak mai Jepun yg memang kita tau mahal ni tskkk maka kena rancang nak pakai pass mana yg paling menjimatkan. Both itenerary dan juga kos.

Oh jadual untuk train2 ni boleh tgk kat Tanya je org JTB kat Isetan KLCC tu inshaallah dia boleh tolong jwb segala kemusykilan. Tiket Dianeyland dan Universal Studios Japan pun boleh beli terus kat sini. Confirm admission! Sila jgn beli kat entrance park sebab takut kalau tgh peak diorg tak bg masuk. Beli kat JTB senang.  Kalau subway pulak tak boleh pakai JR Pass. So kena beli tiket setiap trip. Mcm lrt kita la. Tiket macam gambar diatas. Range harga dlm 110-300yen  per adult bergantung kepada distance. Kids half price tak silap. 
Mesin beli tiket kadang2 in Japanese. So kena la pandai2 cuit org local mintak tolong. Jangan risau orang Jepun sangat bersopan dan sangat baikkkk. Pernah sekali tu dekat kul 11pm. Kitorang menggagau nak bali tiket tapi tak fhm mcmane. So nmpk sorang akak Jepun ni tgh bkejar nk ke tren. Kitorg tahan la dia jap sbb takut terlepas last tren. Dia pun tolong dengan tenangnya walaupun i know dia tgh rushing takut terlepas jugak. Siap senyum lagi takde pun mcm eh sebokla korang ni aku nak cepat. Takde. So berjayalah kami beli tiket subway ketika itu hehe.

Pengalaman kat Jepun memang jauh beza dari pergi Europe ke Middle East ke. Gi Jepun ni rasa macam tak puas seminggu. Kena pergi 2 minggu ke. Boleh g Mt Fuji. Boleh jalan lama sikit kat Tokyo. Kalau tanya saya, saya paling suka Kyoto ie juga dipanggil Japan historic town. Sebab rasa macam calm je. Tak hectic sgt. Dan spicy ramen nya sangat sedap huwaaa. Nah gambar  


Sakura Hanami

Alhamdulillah we experienced the magnificent view of sakura during our visit to Japan last March!

Saya pakai hashtag #krashkozzjapan kat ig sebab imagine kitorang pergi Osaka-Kyoto-Tokyo dalam masa 6 hari! Selain dari nak merasa naik shinkansen, tujuan utama ke sini mestilah nak sakura viewing(hanami) hihi.

Gambar iPhone tak secantik Samsung tapi jadilah kan daripada takde ;p

1. Shirakawa-Minami Dori   Ni tgh kelaparan mencari ramen halal dalam hujan renyai2.  Hihi. Dekat dgn restoran tu, Gion Naritaya, ramen sedap, yakiniku sedap, wagyu beef sedap, chicken karage sedap. Haih. 

Ni masa dah kenyang perut senang hati. Tepi tu ada sungai omg cantik gila pls?

2. Kyoto Imperial Park   Elok sampai je sini, hujan turun dengan lebatnya. Setengah jam jugak berteduh kat salah satu shrine.
  Masa ni Kyoto baru nak bloom sakura nya. So dalam sebesar2 park tu tak banyak sakura tree yg fullbloom. So ramai kerumun pokok sakura ni. Comel je

3. Sagano Romantic Train

4. Shinjuku Gyoen Park
Park ni dalam 5-10minit jalan kaki dari JR Shinjuku station. Kalau nak solat, boleh singgah kat Takashimaya Square Mall, dlm 5minit je jalan dari park. Ada musolla kecik kat situ.
    Sambil suami hantar ‘Aaqil yakyak, saya selfie jap. Kitorang sempat berpiknik makan roti Gardenia cicah kuah Brahims kat sini. Berlapikkan disposable raincoat #sebabtujeyangada #seriustaktipu

5. Ueno Park
 Ini adalah tempat yg paling best kalau nak sakura hanami/viewing. Melaut-laut sakuranya. Sama macam pengunjungnya. Masa kitorang pergi tu agak sesak dengan manusia. Tapi berbaloi sesangat sebab foc je takyah bayar. Dalam park ni jugak ada Ueno Zoo tapi kitorang tak pergi la. Lokasi pun senang sebab dekat je dgn stesen Ueno (JR Yamanote line). 

Istimewanya Sakura ni dia bloom kejaaaap je. Lepastu ada jadual dia. Kalau seantero Jepun tu, ada date bloom utk setiap prefecture(bandar). Tempoh antara Mac-Apr.  

 So kalau uols nak tgk Sakura, pastikan cek dulu kalendar Sakura sebelum beli tiket atau sebelum siapkan itenerari. 

Goodluck! ?