Monthly Archives: November 2006


hmm.saje je.tetibe rase nak buat blog sendiri.smlm rase mcm2 dah jadi tp tak tercerita kat sape2 n tade luah kat, creating a blog is an option aite?

being an electrical engineer for petronas does sounds cool. but frankly, i cudnt help myself from thinking that i’d better off to be someone else. not giving up or ungrateful. just envy my electrical frens who have gain more experience thru diff field rather than electrical. yea,i learn a lot but the learning graph is not as expected as u have to REVIEW consultant’s drawings instead of dealing with the equipments or the operation itself. u cant simply visualise the equipments on the platform, how huge are they, how complicated the system is etc etc…but still, u HAVE to IMAGINE!byk sgt nak tulis tp tak terkeluar…

meet CTE lagi satu.last week i have to meet my CTE cum my mentor, En Shahrul to help me on the cable routing n cable ladder layout. we came to one sheet, the earthing layout. somehow he realize an error made by the consultant on the grounding cables. then die btulkan all the mistakes. die conteng2 the drawing. as usual, with all my stupidity, i asked him,”ape rasionalnye kite wat camtu?”.maknenye whatever correction yg die wat tuh. he replied without looking to my eyes,”u should tell me.u just graduated as an electrical engineer.u should tell me the rationale of me doing this..”..mase tu rs mcm nak bunuh diri…rase macam kne campak dari bgnn yg sgt tinggi dan jatuh berkecai.ouch.he was da*n serious tho last2 die cite gak knp knp n knp..hee

dats all..for now