Monthly Archives: December 2006

there’s oways blessing in disguise

told ya..sumthing did happen.i donno how to put it.sbb stiap yg berlaku kan ade hikmahnye..

29th Nov 2006
waktu magrib.rase perut memulas sis dlm toilet.masuk2 je,mata dah berpinar.but i pretend like nuthing.tried to fight the dizziness.but as a human, am too weak to compare to his taqdir.i collapsed!sedar2 je,tgh bsandar kat dinding bilik air,terduduk.then bangun,n duduk ats toilet bowl, trying to keep myself together.saje letak tgn kat dahi,ada darah!ya allah..mase tu Allah saje yg tau betapa perasaan sgt horror.mane taknye, ada deep cut kat dahi,1cm atas kning.then jerit n nangis smpi org kat luar dah stat risau n suh kuar…then cube tenangkan diri smbil curah luka dgn air shower….ms tu mmg istighfar je…
keluar2,mak n abh ade kat luar.they both calmed me down.i lied down,n abh put a few plasters to cover the cut…i cried hysterically..sedih,upset,frustrated,grateful coz it cudve been worse etc etc..too many things in my mind dat time..
cut long story short, went to sunway medical ctre n got 2 injections and 8 stitches!nurse even buat ECG to see my heart condition.doc ade kate nk wat ct scan.pastu x jd.yeah..8 stitches unbelievable rite?one sec u’re on top of d world n a few minutes later u felt down the drain.i got 2 days mc.n those days are the lowest point of my life.thinking that i wont have dahi licin anymore(tho dulu bkn licin sgt pon.miahaha)..

HE knows best
after few days of thinking,i felt upset of myself coz not being grateful of wat had happened.instead, i blame the taqdir…shame on me..semalam,sumhow,tetibe je i felt relieved coz ada ramai lagi org kat luar sane yg lg teruk ujian compared to mine,which is nothing!bygkan..zizul tuh..sakit buah pinggang at the age of 24..’athif yg sedari baby ada short bowel syndrom etc etc…i should be thankful to Allah coz i still have my perfect organs.only that scar.n does that matter?naah..~