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$$ is everything??

i loooove to observe ppl.i even wish to hav a master in psychology cuz am good at observing ppl behaviour, analyze…

so currently i’ve been observing on ppl’s behaviour on money. so far,i mean,generally there are 3 types of ppl in this world(at least in malaysia):

1. person who have lots(read: A LOT!) of money n dun bother spending it
comment:person who fall in category 1 are basically who come from a very rich family n more or less a spoilt child.not to say that they are spoilt ppl.but honestly i think that they are BEING spoilt by the way they been bred.not to blame the parents who have loads of money but blaming them for raising their children in a luxury way. i came acrossed a blog, so called shopaholic’s blog.she has a set of sisters n they love shopping.they can shop like almost everyday n spent almost thousands per day!they splurge on branded stuff n even go shopping overseas eg paris!!just imagine.handbags,makeups,shoes,blouses etc not sure of her family background but they sure orang kaya tak hengat.but i love to read their blogs.yela sendri tak mampu nk jd cemtu.ehee

2. person who (actually) have more than enough money for living but still keep on complaining
eg comparing with other ppl wages/salary tho he doesnt deserve that much of salary.uh huh
comment:majority of the ppl that i observe fall in this category.impressive?no?

3. person who have enough money for living and always grateful of what he has
comment:and there goes the minority. i wish to meet this group of they manage to be satisfied with what they have as other ppl dont.yes money is not everything

so in which category i fall into?hmm..i dunno myself sbb i observe ppl je.heh

what matters most is how u manage the money.regardless whether u earn so much or so less, u r what u buy.just make as a habit-to at least save 10% of ur mthly income,put it in ur saving account so that u wont feel tempted with the $$ n plus, u can get year end dividend!well after all, human wont ever feel satisfied.when they have a lot, they want just put a limit n be realistic!

n theres one ustaz said,”peruntukkan sekurg2nye 10% drp pdptn kita utk bersedekah/membantu org lain.inshaAllah kita takkan miskin selama2nya” kan?

nowadays ppl dun buy the “money is not everything” quote as every single thing needs $$.even nak pi toilet kat kdai mamak pun dah kne byr.klaka x.oh ya btw toilet kat klcc is RM2 per entry…i wonder how does the toilet looks like.sure air paip dr evian.hmm..hence the quote shud be,”everything is money” lah..kan?

in a nutshell, manage ur $$, do a lot of saving as possible n on top of all,be thankful of what u have

pen off.tata

p/s:been thinking of having a new hobby, knitting!!hav to shop for the benangs n all…cant wait


hmm mari mengapdet blog~ huhu

its been like months.sheeesh..but nway meh kte recap all the occasions etc ok.

dec – my mom turns 49. bought her a pair of scholl shoe. yg klaka nye slh a few days after that, pi klcc tukar size.hmm alhamdulillah mak suka.huhu

jan – shikin SBO. bought her tudung fr KL Sentral.bli gak utk bal.yela bg adil.poslaju ke sabah 2 days before her birthday.yg bestnya hadiah tu sampai a day before bday dia.punya la org bajet supaya sampai on the day itself.takpela.yg penting slmt sampai ke tgn mereka…n they both love the tudung.yay

feb – pokchet,pakwan,za,suraya,abah,’athif, angah n siddiq…happy birthday to all…bought abah a light grey van heusen kemeja n he loves the color!seb baik this time muat.thnx to my mum yg rajen gosok bj abah.she told me size bj abah.ehee.n then pi dinner kat manhattan fish market.knyang cam x hengat.huhu

jan :
– ‘athif op lg. for the 6th time kalau tak silap.sian die.hope Allah will make him at ease always.

– kak long bought her own house.huwaaa sgt jeles…

– saya telah bjaya menghadirkan diri ke klinik gigi untuk membersihkan gigi selepas 12 tahun tidak bjumpa doc gigi.oh sgt bes rupanya bjumpa dgn agak ksian la kat dentis tu sbb keje die ada sdikit lbih bile kne mngadap plak yg sgt byk.oops.too much details.huhu.asalnya scaling cuma saya dikenakan rm70 di atas plak yg maha dahsyat cam tak saba nk tunggu lg nam dentis lg..yea~

– en bakar(my lead eng) just get promoted to be a manager at he’ll be back to lvl 17 KLCC.kudos to him.but sorry to me.he’s such a cool senior.we can even share jokes.lawak die sume best2.n then suke bg tazkirah.suke ajar macam2 tanpa perlu tanya.this man is one humble man.very down to earth one..en raja will replace him.n he has a complete opposite personalities.hmm…camane tuh.but nway,all the best to en bakar n thanks for all the ilmus…u’ll be such a cool manager.yeah

– went for h2s safety training(16-17 feb): 6 participants, i was the only girl! cool was that.n the training was supercool..hmm..but not ready for the real situation tho. yea, i manage to carry a 12kg cylinder,contains O2-wearing the self contained breathing apparatus,SCBA yg mcm bomba salu pakai tu.n then we have to climb stairs, n walk in a superdark room with the loads.n how cool is, being the only girl.fuh

weddings 2007
– dec : faris, hailiza(x-mas)
– feb : 11th, pina’s wed
– coming up : aliaa(apr), cikin(may), kak dira(nov), alfa, husna, adli, n loads more.hmm.jeles.ehee

coming soon : az(17th march), zue?(wink3)

besh 5 : nik fatimah
pipe 4 : imeh, suraya

ok.thats all for now..will update more later…wslm.tata