Monthly Archives: June 2007

its been sooo looong~

its been months..i’ve been paragliding at puncak,bandung, shopping shopping and err more shopping at bandung and jakarta heee..that was like almost 2mths ago. i took 2 days off and me rozaina n k.sara had blast time there.we depart fr kl at around 7am on the 2nd may.we met eka,desi n adam malik,novan, k.kamila+hubby and pak dadang who happens to be the coolest supir i’ve ever met!!i spent like rm1k cash and another hundreds thru my visa.yea blame the visa card haha..nways…all went well as planned tho we almost missed our return flight(6th may).gee~ but we had blast,thats the most important thing.yeeha..the best thing above all was the paragliding. tho sgt mhl – Rp300000 which is roughly RM120 but it was worth every cent of it,seriously seriously…i had an amazing experience..feels like i wanna do it all over again…relieving..wee~

other than that, been part of organizing committee for kem anak soleh 3 as well as ijtima’ mahabbah sanawi 7..alhamdulillah everything went well…=)

mode : emo.not a poem ok..haha

sumhow sumtimes i have this feeling
ppl r not being fair to me
they’re faking themselves like they’re okay with me
but actually they dont
they hav issues wif me

tho they didnt say anything behind my back
but i can feel it
i can feel that they’re not being transparent enuff
i hope that my instincts are all wrong
ppl will say that i shud husnuzzon
but this is different
faaaar different
i hope i can discard all the thingkings out of my head
live a normal life
like i used to

i cant help myself to act the same towards those ppl
day by day i tried to keep myself away fr them
some ppl say “if u cant beat them,join them”
most of the time i agree with the quote
but in this case,naahh
just to ensure that the feelings will fade away will…
for the sake of ukhuwwah…

inshaallah…some day…

ignore the just being me..hee

-me being emo-


oh n btw… i’m in the process of purchasing a so-called property,phiewww!at last!hee..all the documents are still undergoing the whatever makdatuk complicated procedure…hope that i made the right choice..inshaallah…may Allah guide me insha allah…

hint : its in my wishlist

am happy with the deal..=)