Daily Archives: August 21, 2007


OK this is not cool. Soo not cool….huk3*nangih*

SATURDAY Me and my sis off to IKEA to hunt for a new wardrobe and a double decker bed. we didn’t realize that the SALE period was only 2 days left until we arrive at the entrance… Believe me, I’ve never been so serious and dedicated to shopping session other than that particular day. We didn’t have a single bite and we run from this end to the other end to find the purrrfecct one. Ok yea so we found the wardrobe, 2+ metres tall! And we bought 2 units and another double decker bed. obviously we’re not going to assemble those things by our own. So we paid for the delivery and assemble charges…

SUNDAY the IKEA ppl come over to our house to install the wardrobes and the bed. earlier on, we cleared up the room and prepare to have the new members of the room. Okay… everything was okay until they found out that a piece of the wardrobe part is damaged and need replacement. I thot that we’ll have the replacement on that very day but unfortunately they have this procedure that the earliest is on Monday but with no extra charges. So okay whatever..thats their fault anyway.

MONDAY So I was excited on the following day, after came back from the office just to find that the pieces of stupid wood are still laying on my room floor. I was pissed like nobody cares knp org ikea tu tak datang2 lagiiii!!!!!!but anyways…I asked my sis why and why – since she is the one who’s dealing with IKEA…she said she called but the ikea ppl didn’t return her call and so we waited till malam and yea..no sign of coming.so my sis is very pissed with this IKEA ppl and still, can you believe what they said (my sis called on the same nite) –
“will deliver that remaining wardrobe this Friday”…stupido.so my sis replied “ape ni…I thot this is IKEA and not the Pusat Perabot blablabla”….mamat tu pun replied “ ok…I’ll see what I can do”…I was pissed myself when I heard the story.

TUESDAY my sis cc’ed me an email addressed to the IKEA management saying that she is very pissed with the service bla3.and then the guy replied her mail and said

“We sincerely apologise for the problem you had with your recent IKEA purchases. I will personally get the Customer Service Manager to attend to you problem immediately. “ …

Ok.this is the moment.moment of embarrasement.i was so happy to read my sis’ email to the IKEA management and without thinking, I clicked reply (I make sure that I didn’t click ‘reply to all’) and typed ,

”haha bes2”

and click send. That’s when I realized that I actually repliED to the IKEAguy’s email and NOT my sis’ mail…I felt like my blood is rushing up to my face and I was shivering.i shocked.i was still for a few minutes not knowing what to do next.ok so I took a deep breath and clicked reply to the IKEAguy’s mail and typed ,

”sorry I sent to the wrong person.thousand apologies”…

OMG I felt so embarrassed.i didn’t tell my sis about this tragedy but I still send haha bes2 to her after that.huhu…but anyway cut the long story short, few minutes later, my sis sms’ed me ,

”..cust service manager lak call kate arini sampai dan dpt balik duit delivery dan 5%!how cool….”..

wuhu alhamdulillah she didn’t know bout the tragedy.yet.oh yeah and few hours later, at 2.38pm, my mum sms’ed me..

”dah siap pasang dah”…

alhamdulillah…the penantian is over..but now how am I gonna tel my sis bout the tragedy…?musti die malu sndri kt IKEA kalo die tau cite nih.hmm.later.