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being a patriotic that i am…heee

Countdown…2 days to our 50th independence day….proud to be Malaysian…

“Mlm ni free tak?nk pi tak tgk teater Putra kat istana budaya..?”
I was likee…em…ok what the heck..after all, I haven’t lepaking with k sara since what….a month?huhu.

Since we have few extra tickets, I tried to ajak maya n rozaina to come along but they both can’t make it.its okay

I googled up for the synopsis but to no avail.yea…I’m soooo bad in history..but take it +vely, this might be the turning point..ece..

I received k sara’s sms at 6.15pm “kte amek awk 750 k”..

It was raining when k sara arrived. K sara actually get 6 free tickets from her friend, who is the costume designer for the show. I don’t get her name.jahat kan saye. But there were only 3 of us-moi+k.sara+k.sara’s bro. so lagi 3 tu kira burned la.

We arrived at 840pm. luckily when we entered the istana budaya, the audiences were singing Negaraku. Surprise surprise…all the istana budaya staff were fierce as ever…”adek tlg masuk…takyah tunggu kwn tu.masuk je…t-shirt tak berkolar takleh masuk…pi amik baju kat sane…hp off ye…tgh lagu Negaraku !!!(angry coz we didn’t stand still at that very moment..)”…it was like there were some kind of Agong, all Sultan and Sultanah and Prime Minister in the hall. But when we entered the hall, there were not a single VIP!sheesh..kecoh taw. They shud be a bit nicer in the future.huhu…

So we had our seats.quite near to the stage so its kinda cool.since this was my first time watching theatre(haha), so I didn’t expect much.just sit,watch,enjoy and yea…dun ever get sleep..enjoy,ok.

The show started with a dance performance..then the story begins… Tunku abd rahman when he was in MCKK->study in London->kicked and sent to Malaysia->want to change malaysia’s destiny……until our independence day. Frankly, I don’t fancy history. Never was. Lucky me coz k.sara, as the person sitting next to me,whisper to me every now n then sape itu sape ini what happened etc…haha poor me..

some of the scene makes me go oooOOOoo..like,

1. when Tunku was kicked out from law school at London
2. then he been sent from sg petani to kulim by the british coz he was rebellious or something
3. onn jaafar was condemned by the malays coz he opened the membership of perikatan to all races and he was kicked out and replaced by Tunku..yeke?
4. the original BN logo was actually a ship.skrg dacing kan?
5. when Tunku abd rahman wanted to leave for London to discuss with british regarding Malaya’s independence, he didn’t have enough money and all org kampong give whatever they have- jewelleries,money and whatnot to ensure that Tunku manage to go to London.for the sake of the country -> I was so touched with this part(kalau org wat cite ni tipu mmg hampeh la) coz how they sacrifice what they have to see Malaysia stand on its own…for the sake of their future generations…huhu sedey hokayyy.
6. we were given the trust by british to lead Malaya due to tunku’s influence to the society at that time. Tunku even managed to make chin peng+followers tunduk sorta..
7. tan cheng lock and tun sambanthan were the head of MCA and MIC respectively.
8. tan cheng lock was ill when Tunku was going to London to ask british for independence so he cudnt follow Tunku to discuss the historical moment. But during the merdeka announcement, he was there.
9. The sacred date 31ST August was proposed by this ustaz(I forgot his name). he said if Tunku didn’t select this date,we have to wait for another 2 years for independence.why?i dunno.i waited for him to explain but takde justification pun.huhuh.anyone?
10. Merdeka!Merdeka! was shout for 7 times(kalo salah ni sile salahkan jalaludin hassan sbb die yg jerit 7 kali and saye kire) and was happened at dataran pahlawan – org tu ckp
11. Tunku pi London naik kapal.bukan kapal terbang

at the end of that show, they introduced all the stars and the director, meor hashim manap. The pelakons-datuk jalaludin hassan(Tunku), vanida imran(mak ngku), zulhuzaimy(young Tunku), manbai(onn jaafar), azizah mahzan,yalal chin,ebi yus etc…and we all sang malaysiaku something.seb baik die tak suh nyanyi lagu umno.kiki

but as the first timer, I find theatre is quite interesting.something with message lah.i admire their talent coz they managed to control their stage fright,memorize the lengthy script and one straight flow.amazing!. however based from k.sara+bro’s comment, prev ‘Tan Cheng Lock’ show was even better. The Putra show was quite dragging and too much of singing part.and the dancers are not well sync not sharp etc etc…well…
but anyway..we had a great time. We arrived s.alam at 1130pm.oh ya the piccas…

So Malaysians…what you have contributed to the nation?

We each have an important role to play to ensure that our children and the generations to come can enjoy the life that we have today… and we should be grateful of what they/our nenek moyang fight for our peace and harmony..

“Mampukah apa yang kita bina hari ini membawa kita ke hadapan?”

I love you, Malaysia 😉 Merdeka!!!!!