am currently…

1. trying to control my appetite prior to ramadhan.i eat a lot lately.takut tak leh pose nnt ramadhan. so i started to fast monday n thursday n at the same time, finish up my nazar.oh n at the same time, lose my weight.ppl say that i’m paranoid with my size. but last 2wks,went to take baju raya from k.nor the tailor,n guess wut..mcm sarung nangka hokey.told u its NOT just in my mind.its real..i’m getting chubbier…isk~

2. recovering from my sunburn.i had a bad bad sunburn coz of the teambuilding at PD.yea i didnt wear any sunblock. just the spf15 cream. so trying my best not to expose myself to sunlight.gerdix.haha.well…my mum says,”janganlaa vain sgt…”…no i’m not!yea vain PLUS defensive.hee vain eh?err..

3. tutoring my small bro who’ll be sitting for upsr this coming september. i made him a timetable and check his workbook every now n then. theres one time i cudnt find his skema jwpn for one of his science i tried to mark by myself.haha guess wut.saya pun tak reti jawab.nways..i’ve passed my degree in engineering with flying colors.wud that science upsr matters?haha*evil laugh*

4. balancing my account every now n then. yea this happen soooo right after i bought the biotherm thighy(dun ask me the price).n sooooo right after i received bill from the lawyer.its sooo over my budget.its double from the figure that i think it was.i even skip my lunches tried to save every penny haha.n i tried to recall whatever claims that i forgot to submit.i recalculate all my expenses.n guess wut, today i got a good news,announcement by the President -> what they called vitamin B.will get it sometime next month.n yea….keep on balancing the account haha clapclap

5. loving my job.i’m more confident to present myself during meeting or dealing with experienced engineers.its like some sorta miracle.i thank ALlah for that and hope that He’ll keep on helping me to go thru this.amiin.n i cant wait to go to the fabrication yard.just now our project secretary circulate the org.chart for fabrication at MMHE.n i saw my name…this is happening…alhamdulillah.may Allah make it easy for all of us….amiin

6. overhauling my wardrobe.i even hav my secondary scool baju kurung for my office sad is that.not to say that i hav the same body size since 10yrs back.its just tht, u are what u wear.i want to move on.i want to have a new spirit.i’m a grow up woman.euw!err that didnt come out rite.nways, i just want to hav a new attires.its for my own’ll reflect thru my achievement.hee…yea we’ll see.

7. trying to find reading materials.i mean a light-low-IQ novel.haha.i just completed 5series of shopaholicn now i’m out of books to read.any suggestions?hmm

8. updating my fotopages. its been months.huhu

9. in dilemma.i wont elaborate further on this.but the thing is,if its going to happen,it will be many changes in life.Allah knows=)

10. missing someone? naah~

p/s:i’ve just sign up to participate in the bukit gasing green’ll happen this 26/08…cant wait!

okays.lotsa things to do.chop chop


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