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just another day isnt it

checked in at 7.15pm…got this exec room…ada dapur living hall sume hohoh…tp……bau rokok..adussss..cannot tahan!!!thinking tht i hav to live for months in tht room….huhu cannot cannot….called receptionist,asking for new room coz of the smelll…but she said, “oh takpe.jap lg kite hntr housekeeping bg air freshner”…duh~~

cant take after dinner i insisted to be transferred to studio room.better excuse.much smaller.yela,penakut watpe blek besar2…


much better…

well just finished unpacking my stuff..pheww~

oh internet is free.which is a good thing.for a loner ;p
gotta sleep peeps….bui~

hadapi dgn :)

Dewa – Hadapi Dengan Senyuman
Hadapi dengan senyuman
Semua yang terjadi
Biar terjadiโ€ฆ.
Hadapi dengan tenang jiwa
Semua… kan baik baik saja

Bila ketetapan Tuhan
Sudah ditetapkan
Tetaplah sudahโ€ฆ.
Tak ada yang bisa merubah
Dan takkan bisa berubah

Relakanlah saja ini
Bahwa semua yang terbaik
Terbaik untuk kita semua
Menyerahlah untuk menang

song ni sgt best.and.meaningful.indeed.all time fav ๐Ÿ˜‰


so this is for real
i’m leaving for jaybee
finally!!!!yay!!alhamdulillah…. [smiling aaaaaalll the way~]
mixed feelings…
dunno y…..sedih+happy+risau+neves+excited….
but i’m doing this.been waiting for this moment like a year.i’m gonna break my leg.hohoh.yesss….u go girl~
…i’m leaving on a jetplane
dunno when i’ll b back again
ooo babe i hate to go…
hope everything goes well inshaAllah….;)

++i luv honesty,tqvm++

“hey come on.try me..—oh…like honestly?—ok, i cant take this…*sad*”

they say…”honesty is the best policy”
they say…”tell the truth tho it hurts”
like all the time

i say… “be strong..”
i say… “redha jer…ada hikmah di sebaliknya…”
i say… “i understand how u feel..”
like all the time

but when it comes to accepting the truth, it can be really hurts. it hurt so bad that u dun realize that the person is being honest with u, which is a good thing…

but when it happens a few times then u cant take it anymore.tho u know that all are done.n cant be undone.stupid as it is, u want to turn back time so that u wont know the truth.but the truth kept on bugging nobody cares.

when they confess, i mean the hurt-truth-not-the-oh-i-wanttoknow-truth, u’ll go like, “why la u tell me.kan better if u didnt tell me at the first place then i wont bother etcetc..”..then u’ll feel down the drain n upset n isk isk *nangis*

but…hey, theres no buts…

helloww…they’re telling u the truth and the fact that they’re being honest, u cant blame them..uwaaa that makes it even more complicated.coz.u can no longer blame the person.they’re being honest what?!

but it hurts.still.

more and more confessions.hate it but hav to face it somehow.well,its good to have someone honest around.u wont feel least.yea,thats a strong justification.u wont feel cheated.yes.

but it hurts.still.

this is not going anywhere…i just hope that truththathurts doesnt exist.well tell u what,it does.hey,i just hope la.huhuh

can honesty affect such it siblings,friends.i mean, really?

stop typing,kausar!


e-Forum 08

sgt malas takde mase untuk menghapdet…
merasalah korang tgk gamba je…
eh…tetibe cm nak mnulis sikit…so here goes…
baru shj selesai mengorganize dan menghadiri forum untuk jurutera elektrik di slh sebuah hotel yg bes di lembah klang. hampir 150 org jurutera yg komited sekompeni dr sepelusuk negara telah hadir ke forum gilang gemilang soooo happy n letih.oh,tp hepi.yay!!










oh gmbr last ni plg bes.nmpk itu loceng besar?yaaaa….loceng itu telah membuatkan sume presentation on time dan prog bjalan lancar seperti dirancang.alhamdulillah…wlaupun pd mulenye kitorg bajet pakai plg2 pun loceng jual eskem.skali,otel bagi bsr gaban cemtu.mane x mnangis time keeper(cum MCs) sbb kne pi bunyikkan everytime time out whatnot disbbkn tade lain option,inche2 MC yg dedikasi tu dgn tabahnye mjlnkn tugas itu.well it turns out +ve okayyy..sume presenters ckp cm popcorn n hbs exactly on time.even nak pnggil delegates masuk ballroom after tea breaks pun pakai loceng tuh.oh btw…bunyi loceng tu cm kuat gler bak kata smpi dlm toilet pun leh dgr.begitulah penangan loceng besar dlm sesebuah forum.ngeee.bagus3…nanti leh pakai lg.heee ;p

nways…big thanks to all committees for the hardwork.we went up n down.bajet lari alhamdulillah semua bjalan lancar…. ๐Ÿ˜‰ u guys rawk laa…!!now i miss our weekly meetings checklistssss huhuhu….

till nxt forum!! oh mebi OPU len wat lak…huh;(

see….byk pulak tulis ;p

unpredictable me

0900 hrs – stressed out
1100 hrs – even more stressful
1300 hrs – happy happy happy
1315 hrs – less stressful
1445 hrs – managing my stress
1500 hrs – neutral
1530 hrs – sleepy
1700 hrs – happpppppyyyyyy
1730 hrs – talking like nobody cares
1845 hrs – cooling down
1915 hrs – food therapy……
2100 hrs – laugh n laugh
2200 hrs – relaxing
2300 hrs – sleepy

huh?cant see the pattern? my unpredictable-o-meter ;p

i can talk non-stop and laugh and joke around and a few minutes later u’ll find me all moody, full of anger, then cry like a baby and again,make jokes.haha.i dunno.its bear with hard feelings.thank u.

(apekah~~ ;p)

borak2 hari khamis


lead : erm tie in byk lg ke?
me : ade lg sikit je..tggu report SAFOP,AFB specs issuance utk UPS n DB, setelkan procurement, Kumang issues pastu settle lah..
lead : lepas forum awk gi yard la.boleh?
me : boleh3 (obvious sgt ke excited) … boleh…. tp tie in lg sikit ni—
lead : xpe la sy cube catch up n tlg cover kn
me : ok… (dlm hati:yay!!)

ok.drop it they care ;p

:) 2008 love hopes and dreams :)

happy 2008 to all~~ ๐Ÿ™‚ alhamdulillah…

got a shocking news early this morning…
so h.a.p.p.y…..
and HaPpY…..

good start for 2008 ๐Ÿ™‚

but still

i’m gonna miss u anyway…sobs ;(

have a great 2008 everybody!!!

BTW my aunt just gave birth to a baby girl 6a.m today.wah baby new yr!!congratulations..