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we are all heroes

ptg smlm ms kupas youngest bro, af and i had the following conv,

af : kak lang tlg kupaskan limau utk af..
me : hah?dh djh 5 pun xtau kupas? (garang tak kakak)
af : tah kalau af kupas nnt die jd td af kupas telur pun telur terus hancur
me : waaahhh…af ade kuasa heroes
af : heheheh.well~
me : tp baik2.nnt sylar dtg curik kuasa af..
af : oh…tp ade lg satu kuasa yg lagi hebat..
me : waa…ape?
af : do’a! (sambil tersengih)

n then he went away with the limau n left me alone.stoned.gegege ;p

the end


happy happy birthday to…

1. my father dearest, who turns 51 today 🙂

2. ‘athif my nephew, who turns 2 today. ‘athif takmo ckp lg ye……notty2 ;p

yep, they both share the same birthdate. abah dpt first grandchild on his 49th huh?


i love u both so much…!!

lets brag, peeps!

its february.again.why i hate february?coz its bragging time.ow, in other words it is called the performance appraisal fever.the whole company is feeling the temp rising.its time to brag bout ur contributionssss to the organization.if not, u’ll be left behind.ur effort will not be acknowledged.but basically, its all about ur write up, how u u come out with bombastic berani mati punya ayat.anyways, the system has improved am not sure to a betterment or viceversa.u hav to ‘brag’ in less than 100words kinda thing.some ppl find the system quite unfair as some jobscope require loads of evidence to secure better rating.dunno.every cycle i wish for better rate.just hope for the best.

ow one more system called leadership behaviour feedback system.i personally admire whoever initiate this system.the beauty of this system is that u can see how ppl think bout you.regardless.tho i love this new system implemented, i still so malas to assess other ppl.or even assess maself.coz hav to brag again la.ha ha..

i just hope i can skip feb and proceed to sept if u know what i mean ;p

oh its 1017pm and my immediate superior is going to call me anytime now.yes,lets brag!

cikin’s wed at KT


alhamdulillah..attended cikin’s wed this aftrnoon at KT (oh no…not kuala tganu.kota tinggi yerr ;p).together with az,halim n az’s bro afiy.unfortunately we didnt manage to wait till bersanding, n even the arrival of the groom,farid.huhu.coz az+family had to leave for muar for yet another kenduri.anyways, cikin looked gorgeous as oways.and the color theme of course, purple!(fav color of the year. i mean yearsss).
az fetched me at jb 10.45am n we head to kota tinggi straightaway. as usual, the travelling wont be perfect without all the sesat barat moments, which makes the journey even more exciting ;p . we arrived at cikin’s at approx 1pm.we ate (ada taufoofua.yumm!), took pics, and we hit the road at 2.30pm. i arrived at jb at 4.45pm.smpi bilek,sakit kaki.why ah?till now;(
but nways…had blast!!to az,halim n afiy, mucho gracias…. :)..
oh halim ckp (ah aku nk cite gk),”blog ko tu dah mcm blog psl org kawen..”..well,sharing happy moments of my friendss…best ape 😉

btw, congrats to kak B who get hitched(nikah lerr) aftr ‘asr today(5.20pm katenye)…kat shah alam.sorry cudnt make it..nway,happy for ya!hope everythin goes well tomorrow…

tu je kot..

lusa balik shah alam!!yeay!!jumpe ‘athif!!double triple yeay!!!lalala~~



tahniah buat zue dan nasyar.moga bahagia ke akhir hayat… 🙂 plg best adlh reunion JKE classmates ->niza,rina,mien,muniza,chura,suhen n mira…fr all over m’sia!hehe


then spent the rest of the day shopping(window) at pasar payang of coz…



something caught my eyes! ->>beca kaler pink.sape kate lelaki doesnt go with pink huhu tgk pakcik ni selambe mambe je ;p


mlm tu pi minum kat gelas besar batu rakit…balik tu keletihan travelling kutt…tido n kne bgn awl pagi sbb kne catch bus kul 9am.hehe

nway,thnx a lot to mira n family..for the hospitality and accomodations…apapepun,mmg sgt letih tp puas ati..
oh need to hav a rest..i feel sooo zombie lalala~