Daily Archives: February 9, 2008

cikin’s wed at KT


alhamdulillah..attended cikin’s wed this aftrnoon at KT (oh no…not kuala tganu.kota tinggi yerr ;p).together with az,halim n az’s bro afiy.unfortunately we didnt manage to wait till bersanding, n even the arrival of the groom,farid.huhu.coz az+family had to leave for muar for yet another kenduri.anyways, cikin looked gorgeous as oways.and the color theme of course, purple!(fav color of the year. i mean yearsss).
az fetched me at jb 10.45am n we head to kota tinggi straightaway. as usual, the travelling wont be perfect without all the sesat barat moments, which makes the journey even more exciting ;p . we arrived at cikin’s at approx 1pm.we ate (ada taufoofua.yumm!), took pics, and we hit the road at 2.30pm. i arrived at jb at 4.45pm.smpi bilek,sakit kaki.why ah?till now;(
but nways…had blast!!to az,halim n afiy, mucho gracias…. :)..
oh halim ckp (ah aku nk cite gk),”blog ko tu dah mcm blog psl org kawen..”..well,sharing happy moments of my friendss…best ape 😉

btw, congrats to kak B who get hitched(nikah lerr) aftr ‘asr today(5.20pm katenye)…kat shah alam.sorry cudnt make it..nway,happy for ya!hope everythin goes well tomorrow…

tu je kot..

lusa balik shah alam!!yeay!!jumpe ‘athif!!double triple yeay!!!lalala~~