tahniah buat zue dan nasyar.moga bahagia ke akhir hayat… 🙂 plg best adlh reunion JKE classmates ->niza,rina,mien,muniza,chura,suhen n mira…fr all over m’sia!hehe


then spent the rest of the day shopping(window) at pasar payang of coz…



something caught my eyes! ->>beca kaler pink.sape kate lelaki doesnt go with pink huhu tgk pakcik ni selambe mambe je ;p


mlm tu pi minum kat gelas besar batu rakit…balik tu keletihan travelling kutt…tido n kne bgn awl pagi sbb kne catch bus kul 9am.hehe

nway,thnx a lot to mira n family..for the hospitality and accomodations…apapepun,mmg sgt letih tp puas ati..
oh need to hav a rest..i feel sooo zombie lalala~

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