Monthly Archives: April 2008

working life politics.ppl blaming each other.shouting and screaming.talking behind their** back.

yeah.talking like nobody cares.i mean first i was in the picture.i admit.blame blame n im tired.all i know i do my job.i just want to get things done.ppl are chasing the dateline.chasing for the 1st gas.thats just the way things goes.ya Allah pls help me..

yes i hope i wont make other ppl’s life miserable inshaallah..

**theirppl dont do their job properly n stacking other ppl probs.ppl who delegate their own worksss to some other ppl yang tak reti pun wat keje…

rambling.i know.lalalala~

p/s:internal skill gap assessment is just around the corner.hugeee gap to expect ;p

“la yukallifullahu nafsan illa wus’aha—“