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i’m GBP220 poorer

today i realize.maybe the rm1400+ is just not mine.Allah nak tarik rezeki itu..

just so u know, because of my careless mistake–by revealing the 3 numbers at the back of my credit card, the person tht i shud trust, the vendor, booked 4 rooms at london (suppose to be for the hello,u shud’ve consult me before you book the rooms,duh) and they informed me while i was on the train,on my way to london, when i already booked a room of my own at another hotel.i asked them to do the cancellation right away.the usual hotel policy-in any case of no show,the person can be charged at full rate,so to say.

yesterday,checked my bill statement, i realized that the hotel charged me for the whole rate, GBP220 equiv to almost RM1500.means that they didnt do the cancellation.i made few phonecalls to the bank,contractor guy,vendor guy,hotel@london.this morning i send an email to the vendors.i thought this is just an easy peasy case-they’ll pay for my bills since they made the mistake,aite?

had a conv with my colleagues and they asked me to get advise from the boss as vendor might purposely did this just to make an excuse of me asking them to pay for my crdt card bills.huh!like, what will other ppl think if the vendor bank in RM1500 to my account?how does that sound?tak pasal2 kena domestic inquiry;(
so i shoot another email to the boss.asking for his advice.

having said that,i kinda made up my just gonna pay for the RM1400+.tho earlier on i was thinking of obviously-i’m-not-going-to-pay-bcoz-of-other-ppl’s-mistake,but thinking of the consequences to me later,by the organization, i would just pay for that.unless there is other solution.police report,perhaps?

my ow my…how sad i am.but come to think of it like i mentioned earlier, the RM1400+ is really not mine.maybe He’ll replace the rezeki with something more valuable, inshaAllah..

moral of the story – never ever reveal the 3 numbers at the back of your crdt card!or your password or anything tht can lead to this kinda crime (crime,huh?).my bad

its done.period.

esok cuti,finally ;p

part of life

began at nine.ended at three.six hrs of interview.two IRs.hundreds of questions bombarded.earlier on, row of nightmare dreams and sleepless not blessed.praise be to Allah.its over.for now at least.alhamdulillah.i just need some rest 🙂
mind u, this is not naik pangkat interview like some ppl is called skill gap assessment. its gonna be annual ‘event’ if i’m not mistaken—
need to have an early sleep seriously

short note to a dear friend

this entry was actually dedicated for her

my kenduri partner
my jog partner (tho i’m always so liat to wake up early in the morning and she’ll be like ,”kul 7.40 akak amik awk“) 🙂 <-me?jog?like seriously? ;p
my tripS-to-bandung the besttt partner
my ‘gossip’ partner
my indo-songs-fan partner
my oh-u-both-looks-like-sisters partner
my ‘commuter’ partner
my ‘driver’ anywhere in shah alam or even to putrajaya.haha!
my ever keep-in-touch friend


my dear friend…kak sarah…
who’ll get hitched tomorrow!!(oh i so cant believe this).tho i wont be there for your nikah*sobs*, but i’m sure everything will go smooth as planned.happy for u dear.i so gonna miss you ;(

perhaps someday i can culik u from Im.kidding.muah3

semoga berbahagia ke akhir hayat dan dikurniakan zuriat2 yg soleh+solehah..amiiin ya Allah


the TRIP!;)

hello people 🙂 assalamualaikum!

sebenanye dah lame pulang ke tak berkesempatan lak nak online n update the blog.
perginya kejap je.campur tolak jetlag,few days je ‘sedar diri’.haha.i took tonnessss of pictures.having fun with myself – camwhoring ppl say hahah!

its quite short notice.the testing thingy.memo approved in less thn a flight etc2.a day before fly tu br nk gtaw kengkawan.hhuhu.ade la jugek yg merajuk.kwang3 ;p

went to norwich to witness testing for a heater+control panel.the testing only on 28th.however, manage to arrive earlier n balik much later.ehem~

so here goes…


26th may
flight dr kl ke norwich,thru amsterdam.kl ke amsterdam abt 12hrs flight.tido 10 jam.haha.bgn2 bekfas,subuh n tgk muvi 27 dresses halfway,then dh nak touchdown:) takdela boring sgt..

27th may
em then smpt la duk 3 jam kat amsterdam.haha.memule ingt nk kuar pi town die nak mencari tmpt cek in je dah dkt sejam.maklumla travel sensorg.melilau gak mencari.err org kat sana mmg tak friendly lansung.even org kat information counter smpt la jln2 kat airport nye yg siyesly, klia is still the best.eheee


menariknya ttg international airport ni,u need to take a special bus from the gate to the plane itself.but that depends on the destination la kan.coz they have loads and loads of flight destinations, esp for schiphol airport amsterdam which is the hub of europe countries 🙂


ow itu adalah amsterdam dr pandangan atas hehe

jadiknya sampai di norwich dlm 9am+.duk cari taxi etc, smpi hotel,premier travel inn dlm kul 10+.since cek in kul 2pm,so sy dan ade sorang pakcik vendor ni pun pi la bjalan2 kat norwich city centre which is just 5minutes walk fr the hotel.i took all relevant maps at the airport.senang kalau sesat;) norwich is a very nice place.countryside.the buildings look almost the same.there are loads of churches,monuments.the city is not as busy as kl.haha.tenang je.bes woo kalau gi honeymoon sini.oops.wheather dia pun ok sy gi tu musim spring nak ke summer.temp still below 20degC…nice..tak ssejuk winter kots..


sebelum fly aritu smptla google carik muslim food yg ada kat norwich.jumpe ada few indian restaurants kat magdalene dh agak2 lapa tu,try la carik street cam terharu gile sbb nmpk ‘ali tandoori’ tu ujud.haha.klaka…so blasah la tandoori+nan sepinggan..


at the same day jugak pegi railway station kat prince of wales street utk bli train ticket to london.balik kl amik from london.which is 2hrs train from norwich…:) lps luch tandoori tuh,mata dh ngantuk.maklumla ms tu kalau ikut time mesia dh dkt kul 10pm.inilah namanye jetlag ye kwn2…haha.elok je cek in,solat jama’ zuhr+asr,stat la tido……smpi la 9jam seterusnya.bgn solat jama’ mgrb+isya’…smbg lg 3jam…solat subuh kul 3pg…pastu taleh tdo dah.hehe.cube tdo gk sbb takut msh jetlag tp x mampu….huhu..ow btw the hotel is superb, 74pound/nite..kami duk situ 2 mlm…

ni gambar saje2 hehe.btw kat tmpt testing tu, thetford, ade lebeh byk bunga dr kat norwich.thetford tu laaaaaaaaaagi kampung dr norwich…very nice place indeed!:)


28th may
testing boss arrived as well as mmhe meriahla sikit korum.hehe.norwich to thetford dlm 40mins.menariknye taxi kat sini, diorg pakai gps yg bcakap!canggih giler.mcm kagum je.the driver will key in the address/postcode in the system,n then voila, the gps will start ‘talking’.how cool is that!jakun~ so we came back at about 3pm-carik mkn/lunch.kdai sume tak bukak lg.yg ade kdai runcit jek.ali tandoori pun msh kami sume pulang ke hotel dan oder vegi pizza n some jacket potatoes.telan je tu tgh lapa.nikmatnya..~


pastu sambung jenjalan lagi kat city centre.sini ade banyak branded shops ie marks&spencer,clarks,next,topshop,debenhams,bodyshop,primark n the list goes on.kalau ade duit mmg bestlah.ehem~


29th may

hoho.bgn awl.excited sgt sbb nak gi london!!my train at 7.10am.will arrive at liverpool street,london…:) ow, i bought big packet of maltesers for my breakfast.n also a pack of potato crisps!:)


ni mase mule2 sampai.sampai london dlm 9.45am.lambat sket sbb railway tu ade problem sket…tu yg delay.hmm.then fr liverpool street, i bought daily pass for circle line.mind u, london ni ada almost 20 different tubes.mcm kalau kat kl kan ada monorel,star,putra lrt,komuter kan.kira ada 4 ade berbelas/berpuluh2!kalu tgk map nye,berselirat mcm2 kaler utk mcm2 lines/tubes.supercool~


so i took circle to bayswater station.i googled this like a wk before the excited!!!i memorized all the relevant stations and the landmarks/popular destinations related ie big ben,london eye,london bridge… 🙂 it took me almost an hour before i reach holiday villa huhu.’thanks’ to the website saying tht the hotel is VERY nearby to Hyde Park and Bayswater road which is like along the road yg sgt panjang huhu.believe it or not, i was sweating in the middle of london!ms tu panas.even angin sejuk tp kalau dh stgh jam pusing2 mane tak bpeluh kan.haha.but it was an experience la…memorable sgtt!!:)


lps tinggal kan suitcase kat hotel, bjalan la semula ke bayswater..duh,circle rosak la plan B nye adalah amik bus.tanya punya tanya, sy pun amik bus no 148 heading towards westminster city – ada wensminster abbey, london eye and big ben!!yay!!!:) org sgtlaa ramai!!ms tu cuaca dah sejuk sikit.matahari dah amik la gmbr byk2…mmg itu je tujuannye ;p nak naik london eye mmg tak sempat sbb org ramai n masa pun tak mngizinkan huhu.xpe,mungkin kalau ade rezeki lg inshaAllah..


next destinations – tower hill, tower bridge, london bridge, trafalgar square, oxford street(shopping heaven!) and some historical monuments…interesting indeed.balik hotel nak dekat senja.ish2 anak dara ni…haha.nway,subhanallah,tak pernah bygkan akan jejakkan kaki kat bumi UK lagi lepas meninggalkannya lebih 20thn lepas..hmm..tak terkata hepi nye.alhamdulillah…ngeee~

30th may

its time to go back.flight kul 12tghari from heathrow airport, terminal villa ni mmg tmpt org melayu bekfas pun ade nasi lain mcm sket layan kan je.hehe.pas cek out,bjln la mbawa beg yg berat ke paddington station utk amik heathrow express ke heathrow airport,london.tiket dlm 15pound+.pjalanan amik masa lebih kurang stgh jam.ala2 klia express gitu.hehe.alhamdulillah pg tu tak ramai senang dpt tiket and train..


sampai heathrow dlm 9am+.sempat la shopping chocs roses and quality street.hehe.then masuk golden club nye lounge.tak sebest yg kat klia punye.hoho,heathrow sgt la besar…terminal ada 5.gate ade tak digalakkan utk berkeliaran sbb kalau sesat kang payah.haha..kat sini pun sama,dari gate, kena naik bus utk gi ke plane..pjalanan balik sgt bosan sbb takleh lyn makan, muvies n tv series je.hehhe

sampai klia kul 8am…terus cek in utk flite 1050am ke jb sbb family sy mnanti di sana!!!ooww,thats another story 🙂

anyhow…it was a great experience..!different yet memorable 🙂

p/s: mane de london bridge is falling down.okayyy je aku tgk haha