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i’m still on leave.i received phonecalls from site early this morning.their calls always make me awake and not able to continue my sleeps.this morning was the worst–our relays cant accept 24VDC signals given by the PMCS.i was the one who approved the design,prior to the fabrication stage.looks like we need to do major modification on the panels!duh~~

i was sat down by the phonecall.and i istighfar few really really made me think-i kept on making mistakes.whyy?!tho our boss kept on saying that it is normal for us,young engineers to make mistakes but i feel so stupid rite now.

i grabbed my towel and had my shower.but my mind kept on thinking bout the call.i cant think rationally.i called my senior and asked him how to go about this..

monologue : just so u know, i have 2 seniors.2 different characters.senior A is currently with me at johor whilst senior B is at KL office. senior A will always think of solution and NEVER blame me on my mistakes.on the other hand, senior B will definitely say like, “kenapa awk tak check….” and make this look-macam-aku-ni-tak-reti-buat-keje.helloww,you are all with 7 to 8 yrs experience while i’m not even 2 yrs in this project let alone this is my first.pls spare some mercy and perhaps guide me???duh.and of course, senior A loves to guide me and make me feel good about myself however senior B more to criticising like “laa duk site pun tak tahu” kinda thing.whyyyy???

enough obviously i called the senior that i prefer most, senior A.huhu.i just need a shoulder to cry on.oh no,i was not crying, he told me what i should do, as always and,

senior A : i think i have to call senior B and tell him about this
me : em are u sure.its weekend rite.he must be with his family or something
senior A : no i have to tell him coz later on he will scold me of not telling him

yes,of course.i’m sure i’ll receive senior B’s call this coming monday and o Allah pls give me strength… —

so about the issue, just now i sent an email to the consultant and the manufacturer on the issue.and all i can do now is pray hard that everything will be okay inshaAllah.

yes, this is piece and parcel of life.theres no bed of roses in this carier life.u face different kind of ppl.different attitude.different behaviour.cope with stress.semua org ada bahagian masing2.maybe this is mine.i cant run away from just face it.thats the price i have to pay when i enter this world.goodluck to me.

oh this entry is a piece of disaster.a bit here and sequence.thats how my mind works rite now.sorry peeps..

THE wedding

beautiful wedding indeed..


sahabat dari seberang juga ada sih…eka,desi n adam! 🙂


desi – “ya..udah hampir setahun setengah ya tidak ketemu kausar…adam udah bisa ngobrol..” he he…

aaaand as usual had a short gossiping session with the girls afterwards…went back at 6pm.memorable indeed..

congrats dan broIm.lalala~


WANTED spoiler??

WARNING : dont read if you havent watch wanted yet!its gonna spoil you big time ;p

here are our remarks while watching the movie,

“weh camane dr dlm gaung td tetibe die leh balik umah..”

“lor nak bunuh org jahat tu tak pasal2 sume kat dalam train tu mati..”

“haha tak logik lansung bullet tu bleh terbang dgn senget..siap terbelah2 lg”

“pergh bullet tu boley pusing 360deg patah balik kat die..”

“waah bullet diorng bertemu dan,NOT!”

and the list goes on.we both enjoyed the movie.but not so.haha!i think the movie is comic-based.thats why.but still;p

lucky that we were just whispering to each other.imagine if we were talking out loud.weehoo~

oh wait..but the good thing about wanted is the plots are different compared to other action movies and the ending is so unexpected.nice one.and so ganas like the scene kepala pecah2,peluru hehe

i rest my case

moment of truth – CHECKED!

its been a very hectic week indeed.but its totally worth it.fruitful.i’ve learned a lot.alhamdulillah…:)

we managed to test our generators as well as the switchgear.with the great and superb assistance from our respective vendors, the testing was successfully done and i should say just looking at our boss’ smile and “well done” remarks by him, total satisfaction,praise be to Allah.

there were hiccups earlier when loads of cables have not been terminated what more the loopchecks.phew.even us the client did the loopchecking and the terminations just to make sure that we get to have the genset running as planned.the subcon did a great job when they stayed up till 3 in the morning just to complete the terminations!thanks so much.and when the gas engine generator humming and running like no end, i can see smiling face from all the workers be it the ‘glanders’ or the construction superintendant,those cable pullers.satisfaction.u guys rawks!! 🙂

it was my first experience and i asked loads of questions.the vendors were very helpful(still are) and sangat tak lokek ilmu.and another moment-the interlocking test whereby when our busbar detects undervoltage, the diesel engine generator should run at full speed upon closing the diesel circuit breaker-and it works!i was jumping and clapping like nobody seriously.its a very valuable experience.i dont mind going back late(mind u i went back at 10pm 3 days in a row!) coz who knows next project i might not be able to go back this late anymore*sob*.

fyi, this is the moment that makes everyone smile~

thanks to everyone who makes it happen!perhaps next week gonna be more interesting.motor solo run, pumps testing, instrument panels interface testing…*woot*woot!

i love my job.blessed.

tomorrow wanted@cs.coolness.


i have this issue rite now.i hardly spent my time at site.not like how i used to.if i normally terpacak at topside as early as 9am (early la sgt) and only go down to office during lunch and yet again to site after lunch, until 5pm.tell u the truth, this week there were days that i dun feel like wearing my PPE..

am so heartless with site work

maybe because of the slow progress.maybe because i have piles of office work to do.maybe because of too many meetings nowadays.maybe because its just so damn hot out there and i’m afraid that my skin will burnt out like ayam bakar.oops ;p

O Allah forgive me when I whine…

huhu.ow anyhow,its weird that actually i wud rather spent my time at site,facing the sunshine in my yellow jacket,wearing face mask helmet and goggle,full with sweat, tudung senget benget, than go back to klcc-badtraffic-expensivefood-wakingupearlyjusttofigureoutwhattowear.thank you very much.


so i say “ok,esok i masuk site” hehe

take for granted

perbualan di dlm kereta tghari td..

me : adoi..knp pns ni..ekon tak sejuk la..(smbil mnadah tpk tgn ke corong2 ekon)
tasha : lor..baru je repair aritu..
(me tekan2 punat dan switch yg patut…)
me : haa…oke dah pun..hehe
tasha : knp ek td..sekejap ok sekejap tak
me : ala…saje lah tu.selama ni dia ada org tak kesah die takde kejap baru org notice existance dia…saje la tu nak attention
tasha : ye lah tu
me : biase lah tu.normal la dlm hidup.bila ada kite take for granted.bile takde baru kita appreciate..
tasha : adoi jiwang~

jiwang kah?reality what!!?