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normal kah?

entah apa sindrom yang melanda saya sekarang

bbrp minggu lepas..saya berjaya menghabiskan sepinggan set nandos berupa nasi,grilled vege and setengah ekor ayam

semalam…saya menghabiskan sepinggan nasi* dan kemudian makan beberapa keping roti dan masih lapar lagi..oh,begitulah juga hari2 sebelumnya..nasib baik dah dekat jam 12 tghmalam maka ada alasan untuk berhenti makan

sepanjang 3 hari ini saya ada kursus..saya mendapat makan yang lengkap yakni breakfast,tea break,lunch,coffee break dan dinner….dan saya sentiasa terima apa jua makanan yang di ofer…

begitulah pola pemakanan saya sejak awal bulan ni.asik lapar je

makin dekat dengan hari bahagia makin rancak pulak saya melantak..

->zue kata

“ko balas dendam balik dari europe kot…”

…which is quite ridiculous,dear ;p

->kakak saya kata

“kaklang stres kot sebab tu makan banyak…”

…tapi saya takde pulak rasa stres.ataupun saya stres tanpa sedar.hmm

->kak ila kata

“tak boleh teruskan tabiat ini sebab nanti terbawa2 bila dah kahwin nanti”

… dan badan akan jadi belon nanti.takpe, awk masih sayang kan ;p

hmmm.kurang lebih 2 minggu lagi.saya mesti bertindak.aduhai..

*kuantiti serupa portion untuk lelaki dewasa

dalam proses


ade jugak hp burok tu enterprem

semua teman2 adalah dijemput.mungkin ada yang belum dapat undangan.boleh jadi kad anda kat pejabat pos atau kat motor posmen atau kat umah saya dan masih lagi belum dipos/dipas.kepada teman2 yang inginkan kad salinan asal (;p), sila jangan malu2 email saya alamat terbaru kalian ye.almaklumla stended la tlepas/tcicir mana2 nama.harapnya tiada yang berkecil hati..:) entri ni boleh dianggap sebagai jemputan tidak formal..datang ye! 🙂

juga mohon doa kalian agar semua berjalan lancar.amiiiin

countdown : 20 days

oh my,she’s married!

we were friends since kindergarten.since we were 4
yes, we have been friends for 23 good yrs!
inilah dinamakan kawan lama ;p
we went to the same primary school
we went to the same secondary school
i was devastated when i heard that she wont continue her study at our school after we received the PMR result
thats our first time being apart since 4 yrs old
however we still kept in touch and sometimes i slept over at her house
she’s such a darling.she never fails to wish me on my birthdays.every single yr
then she went to UNITEN and me to UM and we took the same course… 🙂
and we had few times together when i was attached at pasir gudang.she happens to work there.she sleptover at my hotel room few nights and sometimes i tumpang her balik to shah alam 🙂

i’m so gonna miss her

coz she’s now married!btw, she’ll celebrate her wedding anniversaries a month earlier than me!—>talking about coincidence ;p


congratulations rozaina dear…. 🙂 we’ve been through a lot.did stupid things at skool.mischievous things mase kat sek 10 dulu…notty things at depalma kuala selangor….oh i just cant believe that u’re now somebody’s wife..

just takecare of yourself and always remember that my shoulder is still here whenever you need me,despite our status later on.dun ever forget me(i know u wont).n our memories.i love u so much 🙂

[i have this weird feelings when my close friends getting married.somehow i feel like they’re leaving me.i know i should be happy for ’em.cant help the sad feelings tho.good old days…love u all so much lah ^_^]

europe trip part 3

“bonjour.parlez vous-anglais?” ( you speak english?)

“oui” (yes)

so that basically the only french we applied.hehe.and those sentences helped us a lot to survive in paris ie hop on the correct train or heading to correct direction ;p

and with our great natural french accent (lalala~), we managed to visit the following tourist attractions! 🙂 in sequence..



1. Sacre Coeur : located exactly at the back of our hostel,walking distance.there will be few african-american ppl asking you “from Malaysia?look into my eyes..” sambil konon nak buat magik.scary.then along the road, you may find loads of souvenir shops.but not so cheap lah if you were to convert to RM.but ppl say that the souvenirs here are the cheapest.huhuh

2. Moulin Rouge : located at Blanche station, Metro no 2.its just one of the must-go places at paris.chura said the place is beautiful during nite and i said,”hello,night club kot”.haha no offense ye chura ;p

3. Eiffel Tower : the long awaited moment has come.we finally arrived at the famous tower.its amazing how ppl were given such creativity by Him to build a very huge ‘building’ by only using kerangka besi buruk yang tidak di and tasha discussed on how each parts were welded to form this huge tower.and we compared with the platform jacket leg.poyo we climbed the tower via gondola.ticket price is EUR12.oh,pls dont get confused with the ticket of em is ticket to climb the eiffel by STAIRS,ok.well u dont want to get iced-out(read : jadik ais) in the middle of paris,kan.kan?oh the paris view from the top is just breathtaking,subhanallah…tho we only managed to stay there for few minutes sbb sjukkkkkkkkkkkk sgtttttt huhuhuh i cant feel my nose  


4. we went for lunch at St Michael, nearby to Notre Damme. it’s the istanbul restaurant.i had kebab set c/w rice,salads,fries and roti nan.yummy.i finished the whole set mind u.and evian for drink(well thats the cheapest ie mineral water costs EUR2.30).total lunch : EUR12 equiv to RM60!kudos!

5. Notre Damme : just beside the seine river.its more like a museum and we didnt bother to go in as it’s already late and we havent perform our zuhr+asr yet!huhu

6. our hostel room!it consists of 2 doubledeckers,a round table of 2, a bathroom and a was a really cosy hostel and clean,most importantly 🙂 Le Village, recommended!oh the cost/head for 3nights stay is EUR72.



7. breakfast at Le Village.we normally had croissant,buns,jems,cornflakes+milk,and choice of coffee,tea,hot chocs,warm orange juice 🙂 .itujela time dapat makan dengan jayanya sbb time lunch blum tentu jumpa makanan yang halal dimakan ;p

8. La Defense : a modern admin building.if you see closely, the squarish building is actually consists of office rooms.brilliant,huh?

9. Jardin de Acclamatation : it was not actually in our to-do-list.but on the metro,we realized that one of the station mentioned this place as one the tourist Bir Hakeim station,written there “Tour Eiffel”.so we know where to stop if we want to go to eiffel.same goes to this we walk using the direction given by the local ppl,towards the Jardin.few minutes later we realized there were 3-4 ppl walking their dogs, towards a very nice ‘jungle’,which is the Jardin!and at the Jardin itself, there were couples of dogs with the tuans.conclusion — the Jardin is the “hey-walk-your-dogs-here” amik gambar tetappppp…hik3

10. along the famous Champs Elysees, where there stood the Grand Palais and Arc de Triomphe at each opposite end 🙂


11. Arc de Triomphe : this monument is located exactly at the centre of western end of Champs Elysees.the triumphal arch honors those who fought for France, particularly during the Napoleonic Wars kata wiki

12. Grand Palais : this is an impromptu visit as it is nearby to the arc.nice,hugeeeee palace

13. Concorde : now i know where the famous international hotel get its name. yeke?hahah

14. Musee du Louvre : where the famous sume famous katanya original monalisa drawing is kept.the monument also appeared in the Da Vinci Code movie.


15. the Opera : ala2 dewan filharmonik petronas 🙂 but the pic is actually the opposite from the actual opera building.i love the road view.ekceli jalan yang panjang tu ada 3 cabang.but with my not so DSLR camera, i only manage to take one road length.bolehla~

16. Hard Rock Cafe : my friend, sue wants to buy souvenir for her colleauges.sambil dia menyopping,amik gambaq satt ;p

17. Boat ride along the Seine River (EUR11/head): along the ride,there is recorded voice amplified and tell the tourists on the name of each building pass by as well as the history behind it.personally, i only get few key points as it was verrrrrrryyyyy cold (i think below 0degC) and all the building looks the same!honestly..hehe.the boat ride,recommended!

DAY 3 : well, i just realized that disney is one of the Israel product/invention, a week after i returned to malaysia.i’m a hardcore boycotter(ask him) so its amazing how Allah plans our journey.i didnt have a single idea about the connection bettween israel&disneyland fer now,i refused to write anything about the Disneyland trip.period.

[khaibar2 ya yahuud]

[me…boycott still.keep boycotting ppl!]

so thats about it:):) its easier to write with the helps of pix,no?ala2 alat bantuan mengajar gitu ;p ok pen off fer now 🙂

hair treatment,anyone?

sebetulnya setahun jugak la saya mencari2 kedai rambut utk wanita bertudung.yang saya sebagai google queen(gelaran yang diberi oleh rakan saya) maka terjumpa la tempat ni..dan baru hari ni berkesempatan nak memanjakan diri sendiri.hik2.kepada mereka yang sewaktu dengan saya, yakni mencari salon tertutup utk hair treatment,steaming,potong rambut ke blow ke…saya mengesyorkan..


nama : arabic beauty house
lokasi : no 5,tingkat 1, jln tengku ampuan zabedah,E9/E,sek 9 shah alam (sebelah secret recipe,sederet dengan Mcdonalds). ada juga cawangan di jln sultan ismail,kl 🙂
rawatan yg sy pilih : hair steaming
produk yg digunakan : mustika ratu
harga : dari rm40 ke atas (bergantung pada ketebalan dan panjang rambut)
durasi : 1 jam setengah
lain-lain rawatan : inai rambut,rawatan kelemumur,facial,spa,urut,body whitening dsbg
komen : saya suka!selain privasi(perempuan sahaja),pekerja nya pun friendly.lepas ni nak cuba rawatan creambath pulak.sama macam steaming tp mahal sikit sebab ada urut lengan tengkuk bahu dan rawatan kelemumur, bak kata sales assisstant.tapi hair treatment ni tak boleh terlalu kerap kerana khuatir rambut rosak pula.kalau sebulan sekali oke la.ada bajet lebih sikit,2 mggu sekali 😉

tak salah kan menjaga rambut walaupun bertudung ;p

europe trip part 2

ok.mari kita mulakan cerita tentang P.A.R.I.S!! 🙂

sambungan daripada entri sebelum ini,kami bertolak dari bahrain pd jam 2pg waktu bahrain.perjalanan mengambil masa selama 7 jam lebih.kalau difikirkan,penerbangan yang lama memang tidak menarik.tambahan pula hanya berpuas hati dengan kelas ekonomi yg tempat duduknya agak kurang selesa dan sempit.tapi itu semua tidak penting.keseronokan kami mengatasi segalanya.adalah beberapa kali we went like, “omg,we’re going to paris!”.hehe.gedik,i know.

kami mendarat lebih kurang jam 7.40pagi 25 Jan, waktu paris.disebabkan sekarang ni musim winter,maka mentari belum muncul dan tak dapatlah menengok first glimpse of paris from the airplane.sebab ketika tu memang masih gelap.untuk pengetahuan,matahari terbit kurang lebih jam 8.30pagi 🙂 sesampai di lapangan terbang antarabangsa charles de gaulle(atau lebih dikenali dengan CDG), kami pun mengikut langkah penumpang yang lain,ke arah kaunter imigresen.dan yeah!berjaya dapat kan stampchop yang menandakan kami pernah sampai di paris!(gedik lagi.sila jgn muntah).TAPII…..stamp2 nye kurang jelas.maka kami bercadang untuk memekatkan sendiri dengan ballpen berwarna hitam setibanya di hostel nanti.ok,sudah mengarut.ekceli,ada bercadang untuk buat demikian tapi kami belum tak buat.hehehe.oh,kami sering mendengar mitos tentang kesombongan masyarakat perancis dsbg.tapi impresi pertama kami dengan layanan polisi imigresen — ok jeh derang ni.coolness.idak sumbung pun:)

kemudian kami pergi ke tuntutan bagasi.dan menunggu beg sambil berfoto2an.syukur semua beg selamat sampai dalam kondisi yang sama seperti check in.maklumlah.jauhkan perjalanan beg2 ni.huhuhu.lantas kami keluarkan winter coats,gloves dan semua yang patut untuk menghadapi cuaca yang pasti sejuk itu.kami sudah menggoogle dan cuaca ketika itu kurang lebih 4degC dan boleh mencecah bawah paras beku.

agak berdebar kerana kami bukanlah seperti pelajar lulusan luar negara yang biasa bersiar2 di negara orang.tambahan pula di negara yang english bukan lingua franca nye.maka kami tidak mempunyai ekspektasi yang spesifik.kalau ada pun,cuma hasil daripada input mereka yang pernah melawat ke sini atau hasil bacaan di internet.selain daripada itu,mmg kami redah ajer.hehehe

maka nak dijadikan cerita,kami menaiki shuttle untuk ke terminal yang ada disediakan train (seperti klia ekspress) ke pusat bandar paris.sesampai di terminal tersebut,kami tidak berfikir panjang.terus menerus bertanya mengenai tiket pas harian metro,harga tiket perjalanan 2 hala ke disneyland, dan sebagainya.sudahnya,orang kat kaunter pun pening dengan pertanyaan kami dan kami juga pening dengan pertanyaan kami sendiri.maka,kami bercadang membeli satu tiket dahulu ke pusat bandar paris dan membeli tiket selebihnya di sana.perbincangan tentang tiket2 yang bakal dibeli di buat semasa di dalam tren.harga tiket daripada CDG ke pusat bandar paris, Gare du Nord adalah EUR8.40/kepala.


perjalanan ke Gare du Nord mengambil masa kurang lebih 30minit.sangat lawak kerana kami kurang fasih sistem platform nya dan bayangkan kami mengheret luggage ke sana ke mari.haha.nasib takda ramai orang ketika itu.kalau tak,boleh buat free show kanak2-riang-yang-tiada-halatuju-beserta-muka-ketat.pemandangan sepanjang perjalanan amatlah breathtaking dan mengujakan.barulah tau camane rupa winter di negara orang.erk negara sendiri mane ade winter.wakaka.oh kemudian lagi satu kejadian lawak adalah kami terlepas stesen!tidak,bukan salah kami.salahkan nama stesen yang sepatutnya Gare du Nord tetapi di stesen tertera nama Paris Nord!how laa tak tally.itu adalah kesilapan paris yang pertama.boleh takk ;p so kami ke depan satu stesen dan berpatah balik dan kemudian turun dengan jayanye.agak melucukan bile difikirkan balik.tapi waktu tu tidak lucu ok.semua mcm dah ala2 stres sebab permulaan backpacking(kunun) yang janggal.hahah.

oh,kami berjaya mendapatkan tiket2 berikut di kaunter tiket Gare du Nord;

1. pas harian metro/RER utk 25 jan(zon 1 dan 2)
2. pas harian metro/RER utk 26 jan (zon 1 dan 2)
3. pas 2 hala ke disneyland utk 27 jan (hingga zon 5)

alhamdulillah.pekerja di kaunter tu amat mesra alam dan mesra pengguna.kami terus suka dengan layanan orang paris walaupun tu baru layanan yang pertama.tahpape je haha total harga tiket adalah EUR 22.40/kepala.metro tu umpama lrt(stesen dekat2) dan RER tu umpama komuter(stesen makin jauh ke luar dr bandar).zon pulak dikategorikan mengikut jarak dengan centre paris.makin kecil nombor,makin dekat dengan centre disneyland tu kira paling hujung kerana zon ada 1 hingga 5.disneyland di zon 5:)

maka kami pun mulakan perjalanan ke hostel yang telah kami book,Le Village hostel yang terletak di montmarte, berdekatan dengan stesen anvers 🙂 kami tiba seawal jam 10pg(awal ke?) malangnya paling awal kami boleh cek in adalah pada jam 4pm!kesedihan,kami pun merayu tuan hostel untuk memberi kami satu bilik untuk kami mandi dan bersiap kerana kami sudah 2 hari tidak mandi.pastu takkan nak pakai baju+tudung yang sama macam kat bahrain kan.tak feel.hahaha.oh,tuan hostel sangat bermurah hati utk meminjamkan satu bilik mandi untuk kegunaan kami.maka kami pun bergilir bersiap.the rest are all history ;p

hanya jam 1130am kami sudah merasa segar dan wangi dan luggage2 ditinggalkan di luggage room Le Village.bersedia untuk berjumpa paris!sehingga lain waktu,daaaa~

gaya penceritaan ini boleh menjadikan kesah europe sehingga part 500.nasibla.wahaha

europe trip part 1 should i start this entry.oh,first,alhamdulillah syukur that we made it.2nd,it was one of the best trip ever.very challenging i must say.hehe.we learned a lot about ppl in the other side of the world.some of the myths are verified wrong and so forth ;p

i’ve been thinking on how to put the looong journey in writing.nevermind.lets just go with whatever cross in my mind..

at first,i was planning to go for europe backpacking.envy my sista.however,with my nature of work and budget ie hard to get long leave and very high budget for long trip,i must satisfy with a week of visiting 2 popular europe cities, paris and barcelona!and alhamdulillah He permits despite the haywire schedule i have.haha.

so off we flew from klia on 24th jan morning.there was a bit miscommunication breakdown at gulf air check-in counter (that exec really pissed us off) that makes 4 of us had scattered seats on our way to bahrain.oh,its approx 7 hours journey by the way.lucky that we had perfect seats on our way to paris 🙂

initially bahrain was not in the picture as our main aims were paris and barcelona.however looking at the 12-hours transit at bahrain,we think why dont we have another country/city covered.and luckily,the travel agent provide lunch,dinner,transportation and accomodation for all transfer passangers!(for more than 6hrs transit).and plus,we dont need to pay for the visa(BD20 equiv RM180) coz it was also covered in the basically we get half day and half night bahrain trip for free.and the stamp on our pasport,of course.did i tell u that the visa/immigration stamps are also in our must-have list?saiko.alhamdulillah.

BAHRAIN (12 hours)
bahrain is a very nice city.typical middle east country,with the squarish-type of building.the bahrain international airport is located in the muharraq island, which is located approx 15mins away from the manama city,connected via a bridge.oh, we touched down at about 1.15pm bahrain took almost an hour to settle the accomodation voucher,visa application and photo session.we hop on the provided mini bus and headed towards concord hotel(mind the missing ‘e’) with other transit passengers.the weather was quite windy and sunny, 14degC.very breezy city 🙂 we then checked in to a very cosy apartment c/w living hall,2 rooms,a kitchen and a bathroom.after had our lunch,performed our prayers,we browsed through the map taken at the airport.we decided to have a leisure walk around the city and to make sure that we get back to hostel before we walk down the main road,thru the backstreet—– only then we realized that there was not a single woman on the street.NADA.maybe the culture here i it was a bit awkward for all 4 of us,girls,(bukan women ye) to walk around the city tanpa halatuju.we arrived at bab al bahrain,one of the main tourist attraction, when we heard the maghrib we decided not to panjangkan lagi langkah as the hotel is now half an hour away from where we we headed back and its already dark when we arrived at the hotel.well the map was very useful as we get to know some of the buildings here and there across the street and so forth.i mean,for an unplanned trip,map is very important ya know 🙂 at least unintentionally,u get info while walking without knowing where to go ;p

well,here i share some of the pix..



the bus was ready to fetch us from the hotel at about 12mdnght and we headed to the airport.mentally and emotionally prepared for europe!

peeps,i dun hav the courage to write about paris paris is by far,the best city that i have ever been to.dont know where to start.its just amazing how i instantly  fell in love with paris. oh, and the disneyland.marvellous.happiness.alhamdulillah.will continue the story mory later yeah…

sneak preview..


*malas mau masuk ofis.isk*


inilah yang dinamakan…

spanish + english = S.P.A.N.G.L.I.S.H       


basically, joke of the week ;p

nyways,touched down exactly 0900hrs yesterday.alhamdulillah..thanks to all my travelmates for making this bachelor vaykay(hahah) memorable indeed!syukran,merci,gracias mucho,terima kaseh;p

oh my,its almost 3.00am!and am not sleepy.jetlag ke.tak kot -in denial- haha

later peeps 🙂