Daily Archives: May 25, 2009

terbaek wok

am currently here and updating my blog thru the pc provided in the room.yeah u read it rite.in my own room.he he

this is the view from my room.again.why i make this entry?oh because this is one of the coolest (read : bukan coldest ye) hotel room i’ve ever been stayed in.hehe.tho my routine everytime i enter any hotel room will be snap snap snap and snap(well u get wht i mean).but this one is the coolest and i cant help from pasting in my blog.sorry peeps,pc sudah ada apdet saja blog anda kan ;p oh about the pc and free internet access, this is cyberjaya we’re talking about,so… 🙂

view from the entrance

the deluxe garden room.there is a balcony out there however since its already maghrib i cant open the curtain hehe.i would recommend this room for honeymooners *wink2*

the surprises

oh when i walk nearer to the superking size bed, i found these 2 surprises ie a small teddy and 2 green pyramid-shape boxes.i wonder whats inside…hmmmm

cute complimentary bear

the cute bear.never in my life getting a complimentary bear from a hotel.so yay~

good nite! :)

oho goodnite wish rupanya.Cybear…how cute!


oh guess what…its a choc!a custom made chocs.cool huh~ sayang nak makan ;p

oh thats about it…me sign off from……

free wi-fi

have to check out tomorrow.sad.anyhow,felt very lucky to have the opportunity to stay in this huge hotel room.cool cooler coolest…

p/s : maaflah besau2 gamba nye.pix aditor ada kat lappy saya sajerk.melampau la nak download software kat pc ni kan.nampak beriye sangat lak nanti.hik2

p/p/s : ohkehlah.den nak pi makan.sangatlah takjub dengan pc kat blek sendiri sampai dan2 tu nak apdet blog kan.well,sharing the joy katanya.hehe.abaikan la saya yang tahpape.oke daaa~

poyo nye entri kali ni