dilema bergaya part ii

how ironic.few days after i posted this, i received another remark by a male chinese colleague,

“u know since u got married,all ur clothes look so motherly..”

“whats tht supposed to mean?”

“dunno…u look motherly lah..”

err compliment or critics.i so dont know.i was wearing a small flowers-blouse with a pink skirt btw.so i so dont get that.i hope that this will end soon – those endless comments.sometimes i feel like a celebrity u know*vomit*.ppl observing your attires and all.esp after married.oh crap,but that usually what i do to those newly married ppl – – looking at their dressings and behaviour like is there any changes after becoming mrs/madam.hik2.cant help it la,saiko suka.so what goes around comes around,huh? ;p

5 thoughts on “dilema bergaya part ii

  1. makcu

    …ooooo sgt dilema beli nak beli baju…tgk cermin pikir…org akan nampak 20an ke, 30an ke, de’vass ke..muslimah ke, terencat? Yg pasti mak nak vogue w/pun tak jadik..belasah!

  2. kausar

    haha makcu.takde maknenye.tp alhamdulillah so far lum dpt komen terencat lagi.nauzubillah!hehe btul, yg pnting i rase i vogue wp tak brp nak vogue sebenornye hik3

  3. Mr K

    Abaikan jer laa ya sayang.. Don’t get distracted with all the comments kay.. Just anggap macam ‘ujian2 pas kawin’.. Love u!

    p/s: nak sambal lagi! haha

  4. maya ijau

    heyyaaaa…ala kausar ilek ilek..
    setuju, comfort is No.1~
    pastu tutup aurat, bersih, kemas, takde ‘bau’ yang memeningkan orang udahle..bior sedap mata memandang..hehehe..

  5. kausar

    laling : lap u 2 3 4!!!sambal tu out of topic la laling;p

    maya : bwk2 la blk mesia hehe.btl tu,kte stuju 100% dgn awk!comfort rawks

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