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tentang pindah

so we decide to move

it’s not about the new house better ke whatever.but perhaps this is the best choice inshaallah.and if we were to stay there for years,we wouldve want it to be perfect.not that drastically perfect but slow2 bak kata roomate 😛

moving to new house ie firsthand house require lots of $$$ mind u.from the basic things ie grills,tinted windows(for privacy),lamps and fans, curtains, kitchen the notsobasic ie tiles,plaster ceiling, new paints,  heaters, furnitures and yeah the list goes on and on.lucky that we didn’t get the key before we get married.lg kopak some of the things we going to just ‘recycle’ baru apt ke apt, belum kira apt ke rumah teres.masa tu epf kena dtg resque huuu

some of the things better get it done before move in coz if let say engage contractor afterwards,it’ll be hassle in terms of taking annual leaveS to monitor their works and ensure all valuables taken care of,sacrifice your weekends,less privacy,makan luar sokmo,the dust/noise etc that’ll harm us or worse, no other choice other than prepare all beforehand

hope things will turn out well and inshaallah we’ll celebrate the coming new year in our own crib, amiin  😉

can’t wait!

europe trip – part 3 (disneyland)

(entri ni sangat panjang ok :P)

ok now.Disneyland;)

it was chura’s idea

i was reluctant at first.i dont fancy cartoons so that explains why.sue and tasha didn’t mind.rationally because we only hav 3 full days at Paris and i can’t find the reason why we should waste one whole day and EUR52(!) going to this childish place ha ha.expensive huh?but being the understanding friend that I am(masuk bakul jap), I agreed (ok angkat bakul).we were travelling in a group so majority rulez ;P

after all the drama (again,yours truly), in dec we bought the one day pass online – ada new year off.we got EUR52/head and believe me,it was a bargain!the tix price was actually EUR60 if u buy at the entrance kira jimat dalam RM40.banyak tu heh

we woke up soooo early that 27th Jan morning.mmg tiap pagi kul 5am dah takleh tido sebab mlm pjg sgt heee.we wanted to make sure that we arrive there just in time the gate bukak haha.mahal oh tiket tu.seminit pun takleh rugi.aci? 🙂
we took metro at Anvers and head to Nation to change from RER B(blue line to RER A(red line).the RER gerabak is a way bigger than metro’s and the system is quite complicated.we asked few local ppl just to confirm that we are heading to the Disneyland instead of to the other end hehe.

so cut the story short,we arrived the station(Marne-la-Valle) 9.00am and we were just few steps away from the main entrance,alhamdulillah 🙂 it was raining a bit tho

bukan entrance

at 10am sharp,we went to the gate and the guard scanned our printed black and white tickets(thanks sue!) and off we begin our journey inside the theme park.we were a bit lost at we took the “Guide to the Parks” leaflet and off we go.siap teramik yang french nya map.baca2 tak faham.rupanya ada english version.bimbo sungguh



so kami pun study map macam biasa.there are 4 Lands ie Frontierland, Adventureland, Fantasyland and Discoveryland. the main entrance is the MainStreet USA

we begin with the mutually agreed, we focused on the “Big Thrills” and “What not to miss” first.then if time permits, we’ll proceed with the “Family Adventures” and “Fun with Lil Ones”.heheh


Big Thunder Mountain – superb.we all terhantuk2 like nobody cares.but the ride really awesome.almost similar to the Rolling Thunder,the one at genting.kat genting tu tiru kot.heh.they sell the jerit2 pix but we didnt buy it.instead, we snap the pix kenapa dalam gambar ni kitorang(kecuali chura) beriya padahal mat saleh depan tu ala2 berborak lagi.tak puas hati sungguh.huhu

tau takut

then we had a walk.masa ni hujan macam dah lebat kami berjalan2 saje.kabus pun makin tebal.sob


Pirates of the Caribbean – oh kat sini ada pirates tu.horror gak.mcm real.its a boat ride inside a cave.very dark.then here and there were harta karun and tengkorak.main ni baju basah gak la sebab kadang2 ada splash bagai.tapi best lah.even not that thrill.this one categorized as family adventure.after the ride we took the opportunity to take picture with the pirate.haha

lanun perancis

Indiana Jones and Temple of Peril – wah yang ini sangat menakutkan.lebih takut dari yang kat Frontierland tadi.tapi tak sempat snap pulak masa atas ride


if i can still remember, this is the time when all the cartoon characters went out and we can find them almost everywhere.we manage to take picture with some of ’em.some of ’em needs us to queue yadayada and we dont want to waste our time tapi sebenarnya malu sebab yang beratur tu semua makbapak bwk anak2 diorang.

perut pun sudah bar yang bawak semua dah kehabisan.maka kami pun singgah di sebuah cafe yang ramai arab2 masuk.we had fish and chips plus tomato soup.wah sedap sebab dah lama tak makan kenyang.ngeh..


and this fantasyland, we went to the famous Sleeping Beauty Castle, the Alice in the wonderland Labyrinth, the choc cake sweets house, the jack and the beanstalk etc etc you name it.very excited ok.its like i was in my childhood again.kira macam i ni lebih2 pulak padahal aritu beriya takmau pi disneyland this ‘land’, most of the rides are for we just take our own sweet time, went to each famous disney, we just had our lunch,full stomoch,not advisable to go on thrill rides huhu..

we played the

1. Le Carrousel de Lancelot (merry go round)

2. Dumbo the Flying Elephant

3. Mad Hatter’s Tea Cups

4. Peter Pan’s Flight

coolness.ohhoho dan disinilah tempat di mana cik aizura kita terkena taik burung!mmg marah betulla.ala darling,bukan selalu nak kena taik burung disneyland.sekali seumur hidup kami pun take a break la dengan meneman cik ai ke toilet untuk membasuh ‘hasil buangan’ tersebut.huhu.marah sungguh cik ai 😛


selingan : so we head to perform our zuhr-asr prayer.truth is,its always a challenge when you have to perform solah in this/any non-muslim friendly country(read:no room/surau/musollah).but alhamdulillah,despite this, we managed to perform each solah anywhere,everywhere ie on the boat, at the airport corridor(amik sudut sikit lah) etc etc.yang penting,bawak kompas sekali.dan alas yang bersih.there was once we use the map to be the sejadah.takpalah,yang penting kewajipan sebagai seorang muslim tidak diabaikan inshaallah


since our food already digested(partially),so we resume our thrill rides here, which are (drum roll);

1. Space Mountain : Mission 2 – ok this is the most thrillest bestest ride i’ve ever ride on in my whole life.spinning, rocket powered,twisted body,everything.all 4 of us queued up but when we almost there, 2 of us surrendered.they cant stand the jerit2 they heard which sounds they both wait outside.while me and tasha experienced the most adrenalin rush ride everrr.recommended to those who love adventure.suka sangat.rasa macam nak q dan naik lagi tapi hari pun dah petang huhuhu

2. Star Tours – masuk ramai2 duduk dalam bilik kemudian ada 3D nye show,lepas tu tempat duduk tu bergerak2 ikut 3D jugak la.tapi tak thrill sangat.ngeh

3. Naik roket yang pusing tuh.tak ingat lak apa nama ride huhu.mainan kanak2.siap rebut ngan budak2 lagi.tak boleh blah

after we finished with the rides in the Discoveryland, we saw all ppl heading to this one direction.we heard the disney song played.oh its the parade!the disney characters parade!it is called the Disney’s Once Upon a Dream Parade.we were all excited and rushed to the crowd of ppl.we saw thousands of ppl from all over the world.ada jugak malaysians.students kot.tapi who cares.the parade excites us more.we took pictures and videos.there were Sleeping Beauty,Little Mermaid,Beauty and the Beast,Lion King etc etc.


u can find almost all here, in their dedicated ‘car’, following the route.sambil lambai2 gitu.dan miming nyanyi lagu ikut turn kartun masing2.hehe comel ok parade ni.the route started from the Fantasyland and ends at the Mainstreet USA.we waited until the parade is finish to take picture with the characters but NO, WE MISSED THE CHANCE.sebab sepatutnya kami semua amik kesempatan masa kartun2 tu berkeliaran pagi tadi.oh bimbo lagi sekali.maka hampa (terutama chura).takpe,kalau ada rezeki kita gi lagi ye.wuhuuu




its almost dark when we took our step to the disney studios.oh the tix we hav is for both park and studio.the park is much2 smaller than the first one.lesser rides.mainly the park relates to the hollywood movies eg Armageddon, Stitch and Twilight Zone.we had a brief walk and after that,both me and tasha went for…

Twilight Zone Tower of Terror – woosh best jugak.even before the ride, the staff pretend like the hotel is haunted.even all the furnitures covered with dust and spiderweb.just to get the feel of it.then we were brought into an escalator with seats inside.wore our seatbelts.we were facing to the hotel window.the hotel height is around 100 metres high.then the window opens and we were going up and down with high speed – sebijik macam solero space shot yang kat genting tuh.tapi less takut sebab ni dalam shot tu open hehe


its freezing cold when we head back to our hostel.coz its already 8pm.but we had fun so who cares.kaki mmg sakit toksah cakap lah.memang terlelap lah dalam RER dan metro.but we cant complain much coz we were tooo happy 🙂 we got back, had our ‘malaysian’ maggi+brahim dinner and of course packing!because we have to catch an early flight to barcelona the very next day 🙂

confess : disneyland is not that bad 😛


p/s : happy 7 month,dear 🙂

seludup teddybear

i nearly faint just now

how do you feel when you open your checked in luggage and find something unfamiliar my case, i found a teddybear!!

horror oh

i was shocked to death.for almost one minute, i stare at the creature.i tried to recall;

1. i locked my luggage with the combination no.ok but no solex or mangga huhu

2. my valuable things inside the luggage still there ie camera,external harddisk

but how on earth this teddy is in this bag.being the dramaqueen,i think no other than someone wanted to seludup dadah thru my luggage.i cried instantly,still staring at the teddy.i didnt dare to touch.huhu

after i pulled all my strength,i slowly took the teddy.masa tu takut jugak timebomb ke apa kan.isk.then i saw there’s a note….”_ _ _ _ _” ..from the hubby.wah saya sambung nangis.terus takut tadi jadi happy dan terharu.sob..

special kerrr *blush*

until now i dont know when on earth he put that thing inside my fact i didnt know when he bought the teddy..thanks u too T_T

p/s : i still press the teddy’s tummy every now n then.takut betul ada dadah dalam and the note is just a fake one.huuuu drama2

eh eh…

…saya ada blog rupanya haha 😛

tak tahu lah.kebelakangan ni macam tak sempat lak nak berceloteh kat blog.saya lebih gemar apdet status saya di fb daripada bercerita di sini.kenapa?ntah.mungkin mengupdate blog memerlukan masa yang lama dan kosentrasi dan membuka laptop.oh sangat malas.dan lebih menjadikan saya malas adalah kerana sekarang saya sudah ada iPod yang membolehkan saya surfing,bloghopping,byr bil,cek email,fbing dan banyak lagi hanya di atas tapak tangan dan bukan riba (matilah laptop ni mengamuk bila saya taip ni.hi lovely cutesy vaio!i still heart u!hehe aci tak)

ok ok seriously,here are my updates to those yang merindui (korang mmg cool lah*saje bodek*);

1. ok right after i wrote my entry below, we both went to overnite at my parent’s  house at shah alam,before going straight to baling,kedah the very next day for raya celebration! raya kat kedah sangat best i tell u.ok despite being away from my parents and siblings for the 1st raya everr, magically, i had a great time.mungkin sebab suasana raya di kg yg sebenar.mandi berkemban air sungai,makan freeflow dan sedap,cool cousins and in laws,alhamdulillah 🙂 paling best, saya belajar makan juadah yang popular disana/kg suami yakni petai jeruk,ketupat palas jagung dan lemang tepung..sedap oh

2. macamana raya sebagai isteri?sebetulnya,pagi raya pertama selepas bersalaman dengan tok,tokwan,MIL etc etc,sampaila sesi bersalaman kami suami isteri.mula2,jom2.pastu pi la satu sudut kat ruang tamu yang takda orang lain.pastu,ala-awk-la-dulu punya momen lebih kurang 2 minit camtu.pastu senyap lagi 2 minit.akhir sekali,saya hulur tangan dan mintak maaf..peliknya,saya tak rasa apa2.apa lagi nak nangis.apekah.pastu sengih balik mcm sebelum salam.oh tapi rupa2nya air mata tu delay seminggu.nasib baik masih syawal 😛 haaa..jadi,tips kepada pasangan suami-isteri yang baru pertama kali beraya bersama,janganlah contohi adegan sengih2 kami ni.tak berkesan dan feel lansung ok

3. raya ke-3 baru pulang ke tampin,kg belah mak saya.dari baling jam 9.30am.singgah di taiping 2 jam.dan tiba di n9 waktu maghrib,alhamdulillah..:) penat jugak ye jadik co-pilot ni waduh hinggakan saya ofer kat suami utk drive sebab tak tahan mengantuk huuu

4. lagi satu sebab saya tak sempat nak bukak laptop dan apdet blog (ish defensifnya) adalah sebab alhamdulillah ramai yang berkunjung ke rumah kami untuk beraya.oke kami tak buat openhouse.tapi ajakan di fb nampaknya berhasil dan malam hari2 bekerja pun ada yang datang tolong makan.hujung minggu apatah lagi kan,syukur.walaupun penat,tapi saya hepi sgt sbb wp rumah kami ni takda la se’eric leong’ rumah orang lain,tapi bolehla nak jamu2.lapang sebelum sempit,senang sebelum susah.konsepnya

5. ok secara ofisial,saya sudah terjadi peminat fanatik nur kasih.asalnya tak tengok pun kat tv.tapi dah episod 13 camtu, saya tergerak nak tengok sebab review dari teman2 fb sgt memberangsangkan.maka suami pun mendonlodkan la untuk saya marathon.wah sangat suka.sbb ia tak seperti tipikal drama melayu lain ie baru kahwin rumah besar keta besar,hero/heroin adalah pewaris syarikat holding u know what i mean, well u get the picture 😉 its something for me to look forward after scofield mati(tetibe)

6. working life – platform kami masih belum dapat hasilkan gas.sebetulnya cuti raya tempoh hari.tapi macam biasa,masalah cuaca, material itu ini sampai ke hari ini,masih belum lagi.harap minggu depan ada berita gembira inshaallah

7. beberapa hari lepas saya menghidap travel bug. tiba2 saya rasa rindu untuk berjalan2 melihat negara orang.tiba2 saya buka folder gambar bachelor vay-k  europe dan.tiba2 saya teringat yang saya belum habis bercerita di blog mengenai trip 9 bulan yang lepas.inshaallah blog ini akan bakal dihiasi dengan entri expired yang banyak(oh tinggi nya angan2).teman2 setrip pun sudah bertanya2.takut lupa fakta katanya.apekah

8. kunci utk apartment kami dah ambil ramadhan lepas.alhamdulillah,luas.duit installment pun dah mula ditolak.tapi saya seakan tak pasti dengan keputusan untuk pindah ke rumah baru.banyak yang saya fikirkan.sedang fikir jalan terbaik.mungkin cari ejen dan sewakan sahaja kerana rumah sekarang pun tidak kurang luasnya.nak masuk rumah baru memerlukan ongkos yang banyak.dan kami sedang fikirkan samada berbaloi atau tidak..mungkin akhir bulan ini kami sudah ada kata putus,inshaallah..fikir lama2 pun,rugi kerana secara teknikalnya,kami sedang membayar untuk kedua2 rumah sekarang,sob..

oke lah.daripada saya terus mengarut,baik saya berhenti hari ni lunch kat openhouse,makan malam pula di kenduri kat ipoh.dapur cutiii 😛

ok dah terubat rindu di hati.sebelum tu,terimalah gambar eksklusif dari kami….

tuan blog dan imamnya

wahahaha.sori yang,i tak buat dah T_T lariiiiiii… 😛

till next entry,eid mubaarak!!