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facebooking vs bookfacing

talking about ironic,huh?!

eversince the final sequel of shopaholic the series, oh and less travelling (esp time tunggu flite or dalam lrt), i do less almost non.newspaper, magz and bloghopping does not count ok.what i mean here is real it novels or any boring selfhelp books

oh ok before that, just so u know my husband sometimes stay late at office until maghrib due to his workloads and last minute meetings (hmm).average around twice a on the other hand, since i started working i prefer hit the lrt sharp at 5.30pm (5pm tu tipulah kan).well have some justice la coz the office lights off usually at 5.30pm.’cruel’ kan? 😛

ok so what did i do after the lights off?eg i’ll go groceries shopping at cold storage,sometimes i treat myself a manicure (which i found quite painful so i…oh wait, yeah i only did it once bcoz of the pain heh.scrap the ‘sometimes’ :P), loads of windowshopping, little shopping (read : little), buy magz and read em while having icecream, forced myself to buy icecream at BK for the sake of wifiing (huhu sbb takkan nak tercongok kat dpn BK tu kan.kena bli sumthing.aiskrim la plg murah eh terdefensive pulak),games@ipod and so forth.u get the picture

so one fine day, running out of ideas to kill the time, i plan to go to kinokuniya for a change.ahaha surprise2 coz i found myself heading straight to the magz section.then i said to myself, “NO!NOT HERE!REAL BOOKS PLS!”.well screaming in my head more like it.kesedaran la kunun.walked at slow pace, going to the books sections.i’ve experienced buying novels that i only read few pages then i dozed off.few times on the same novel, same page, then i gave i think not novel for ie books to gain back my i bought myself a self help books.ha ha.ok seriously funny sbb mmg patot kena selfhelp pun dah tahap gini.but anyway its not that bad.its about law of attraction btw.still digesting [uh huh].. 🙂

planning to finish at least a book/ by end of the year total of 10books?inshaallah.perhaps i’ll try to selang seli with ustazah bahyah islamic books,novels ke.kan.kasik variety goodluck to me.phew..

any recommended books, frens?

p/s : btw tax boleh claim until RM1k kan..oke la tu
p/p/s : my husband even set up a reading lamp beside our bed.hik2.beriye2 mnyokong perubahan isteri ha ha.tenkiu ling (mode semanis kurma)

*i drafted this entry back in i’m on my 3rd book.hurei!berusaha!*