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dua tahun

“Di kala penuh ketakutan dengan badai kehidupan…
Ku bersyukur adanya kamu”

here goes our 5 out of 1,051,200 minutes, moments we spent together…

its been 2 wonderful-yet-challenging years and yeah, i want to grow old with you inshaallah..

i love u so much…


hellow!am now working on my other blog hence neglecting this blog.har har…what an excuse lol

oh btw am on 2wks mc right now.supposed to be at acheh for cuti2 with my big family but urghh now home.whatevs.ada rezeki kita plan lain ye familyku tersayang~~ and hav fun over there ok.bring me sumthin good!~

on a different note, alfatihah buat arwah wan (my grandma my mom’s side), hajah zainon abdullah who passed away on 27th Feb.such a huge loss to our family…;(
for now our atuk stays with mom’s at shah alam….

actually so many things to tell yet i don’t have the urge to write…hihi what’s new kan..

ok till nxt post xoxo

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