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2016 Rolla Costah

cant believe its already the last day of 2016! I’d say this year flies so fast u have no idea. So many ups and downs, dreams shattered, plans gone haywired, unexpected gift and surprisingly we managed to go through this year phewwww*lap peluh* … syukur ke hadrat ilahi

Familyplanning-wise, I can still remember we (our little family) started the year with high hope that my husband will demob to KL from Ashgabat for good in Feb; after been let down for few months, as promised by HR…since early 2015 mind u ;( So we braved few more weeks to Feb 2016. I even have my calendar being strikes out day by day, countdownla kunun. 

Come Feb, we got another news. All mob-demob of personnel kena freeze due to restructuring exercise throughout the company. Not only we were upset with the postponement, but with the not-so-happy rumors on salary cutting la, vss la, downsizing la etc. Feb was an emotional month for both our careers and family planning. I was sooooo overwhelmed with so many things in my head that i decided to leave Facebook (until today alhamdulillah still sober lol). Deleted fb from my phone. Thats what i did. Walaupun ekceli takde kena mengena pun dengan re-org tu. Kebetulan je. Hehe. Just so happen that i want to clear up my mind (fb ni kadang semak especially bila ada benda viral dan it occupies my mind yg tgh semak masa tu hihi). 

So yeah dari Feb pospon ke Mac. And finallyyyyyyy 19th March my husband finally back in KL like finally. 3x finally tu haha. Kurang beberapa hari je tu genap 4 tahun bermastautin di bumi Turkmenistan huhu. No doubt the country has been good to us, the memories we will forever cherish in our life ❤️

Not even 2 weeks we celebrated his homecoming, the company was vss-ing ppl, moving the staff, trasfer sana transfer sini. Then we heard rumors that my husband’s name was NOT in KL. Say whatttt. I even have the possibility to be transferred outside KL. What will happen to all our 2016 plans and dreams and —–

30th of March, at our airbnb stay in the middle of Tokyo city, we braved ourselves with the news…ie reading his letter of transfer to *drumrolls* Sabah operations. It was such an emotional night for both of us. Terus pk Aaqil camne, i camne, dia camne…after so many yrs being apart…then this happens.

It took us few hours to finally fall asleep and decided to sleep on it haha. Pagi tu macam2 idea keluar – sambil nak bersiap ke Disneyland. Can u imagine our mix of emotions at that time. We were on vacation and dealing w not so good news at the same time. My husband tried his luck to delay the date of mob to Sabah. Pujuk bos la. Riki HR la. But little that we know that not only us facing the sudden news. Some of our close friends been offered w vss. Some others went through the same ordeal as us, ie LDR and most of em w small kids. Alhamdulillah it  took us less than a day to actually digest this news and redha. Acceptance is hard but  thats the only option we have. And make the best of it. Alhamdulillah im still at KL office so its just back to square one. Cuma i no longer stay w my parents that is. New challenge tu. 

Financial-wise, it has been one of the most challenging year. Firstly, we no longer enjoy the international allowance that we hav since 2012. Now we are quite tight up with this ‘new arrangement’ ie we have to impulsely buy a 2nd car, new furnitures for the house at Sabah, monthly rental n expenses, AND the weekly flight ticket KK-KL-KK. Quite a big chunks of RM there. Aaqil was not happy with walid only around during weekends. But thats the best arrangement we can make for him so that it wont be the same as walid-kat-Ashgabat. Inshaallah duit flight tu berbaloi. Nak kira brp habis mmg nangis tapi life goes on. Ini bahagian kami…❤️ at least husben kat kk. Ada kawan tu wife kat bintulu, dia kat kl. Anak 2org kecik2 lg. Bintulu tu ada satu je kot flite pegi balik kl tiap hari. So my fren jaga si kakak, wife jaga baby. Cant imagine of we were in their shoes… Allah uji ikut kemampuan hambaNya…

Despite that,

Allah granted our du’a in front of Kaabah, at haramain, in Raudhah, ie to conceive again. Alhamdulillah. 2 months after my husband transferred to Sabah, we received this big-beyond-happiness news. Allah Maha Kaya. Allah Maha Adil. With me alone w Aaqil and this lil bub inside me, i know that if He get us to this, He will get us through this. My pregnancy so far alhamdulillah no complications. Allah blessed me with energy and redha and sabar. He knows my limit. Ada sorang kawan cakap, bila diuji macam ni, barulah kita rasa sangat pergantungan kita hanya pada Allah, bukan pd manusia…so true!!??

And the pregnancy just became the highlight of my year. All the tears and frustrations during the first quarter of the year seems nothing. Allah is the best planner. He wont give us all. He leave us with a tiny ongoing ujian so that we keep on remember Him. Syukur…

Oh so THAT ??? my fellow readers, are my 2016 roller coaster ride highlights he he. Other than that, in random..

1. We went to Japan(woot!) during sakura blooming – spring in March. Japan is just uhmaaazinggg. We wish to comeback someday he he. Mahal naw naw so kena tunggu tabung Aaqil penuh. Eh ??

2. I dunno how this made to the list but looking at the no of purple boxes growing giv me somewhat therapy hihi. Yes I got dUCk-ed. Like a pregnancy hormones or something. Frankly i’ve once condemned the brand for putting ridiculos price on a scarf. Tapi tak tahan beb. Especially bila tgk cite Love Vivy. Baby nak jgk lol salahkan baby. My fav would be the PB satin silk. N those georgettes. Chiffons pun best. Pendek je la ducktower tu compare ngan hardcore duckies hehe. My next target is their #worldmapduck. Moga berjaya dalam battle itteww?? If u nak try ducks tapi xmo spend too much you can go to ig #duckscarvestoletgo and buy the preloved ones w cheaper price. Tapi premium basics je la. Yg limited ed macam bloomingduck tu harga makin naik adalah sampai almost rm1k selai. Hehe

3. Aaqil been rushed to emergency due to high fever TWICE! Within less than 2mths gap. Sekali bln puasa, lg sekali cuti merdeka. Luckily nothing serious. Only infection so after few hrs under close monitoring he was discharged. And both happened during weekdays so husband wasnt around. Alhamdulillah my dad and lil sister were available to accompany us during those hard times. My family is definitely my strengths.

4. Trip to KK and Kundasang for a week. So happen that Aaqil’s school was closed for whole week during EidAdha+Hari Malaysia so i took leave and spend a week there. Supposed to blog about this but so malas. Later i pwomise.

5. Aaqil needs to wear glasses! I was quite upset when his specialist revealed to us the news. I was in denial. He’s supposed to start wearing ’em in Aug. But i just ignore the prescription letter by the doctor. Suami pun xmo paksa nnt mak buyung marahh hihi. Until in Nov if im not mistaken, I finally told my husband ok lets do this. Power dia tak tinggi sgt pun dlm 75 gtu je. Tapi silau tinggi. We also dont want his squint eyes to recur. We went high and low looking for the most suitable glasses for his age. Yelah budak2 kan lasak, belum pandai jaga barang etc. So MIRAFLEX is the best brand in town. Very practical and comfortable for kids. The frames are made of rubber, comes w more than 20 colors! Cantikk. Cuma downside dia adalah tak byk kedai ada brand ni. We finally found his glasses at a very small optical store at Mydin PV12. So far dah pakai dekat 3wks and he seems okay with it alhamdulillah 

6. One of the sweetest memory for 2016 was ; Aaqil received an award for Best Khalifah in his class during Ihtifal ceremony! Alhamdulillah. Also he is now able to read in Malay. He just started ReadEasy for english few months back. We are forever proud of him regardless. May he continues to excel in both academic n akhlak n a better muslim for sure. Amiin

7. Recently we went for our babymoon(nak jugak) cum roadtrip cum LegoLand trip for year end vacation! SO.MUCH.FUN… Coz we also cramped in our iteneraries with jjcm at JB and Melaka. Bestttt! Later jugak i blog if rajin hihehu

  Our most recent photo – boxing day 2016 ?? Me @ 34wks?

And that my dear, wraps up our 2016. No doubt it has been colorful with lots of love and blessings alhamdulillahhh 

May 2017 brings us more hope, more happiness, more rezeki and better person amiiin! ❤️