Memorable Melaka

On our way back to KL from JB last month we had a little detour to Melaka. Hanis Zalikha to be blamed. I watched her (son’s) reality show the other day and they had this roadtrip to Melaka just to find foodsss. She was 39wks pregnant during the shoot. While i was 34wks masa masuk Melaka tu he he

We checked out at 12noon so when we reached Melaka it was just in time for a late lunch. Masa tu dalam 3pm kot. So our first destination was of course the famous Ee Ji Ban Chicken Rice Ball! 

Punyalah susah nak dapat parking memula tu. So my husband dropped me first to find meja for us. Around 15mins baru dapat meja phew. So many ppl i tell youuu. 

We ordered their chicken rice balls (1 set 10pcs, RM3). But nasi for aaqil. Half chicken. Kailan goreng. Fishball soup. Nyonya petai squid goreng garam (mcm sambal gitu). Sedapppnya. Especially the rice balls. Aaqil last2 paw ktorg punya hihi. So we ordered another 10pcs ?

The price was a bit on the high side because half chicken is the minimum order. If not, we cant dine in (as pasted on their wall). So if you go in a group of 4 adults, the portion would be just nice. 

Dengan kekenyangan, we cont our journey to search for the Kuih Keria Gula Melaka! THE keria. Hehe. The stall was only less than 15mins journey from the chicken rice shop. When we reached there, there was around 40ppl queueing, but the keria was not there LOL! I guess theyre all waiting for the next batch of keria to arrive. So we parked our car, grab an umbrella (it was scorching hawtt) and joined the long q. Since the q was not moving so my husband and aaqil went for zohor+asar at the nearby masjid.

….10 minutes later, the ‘staff’ came with packs of keria. There were at least 20packs kot. The first few ppl in the q bought one-five packs each haha. Memang tgk situasi tu akakkk konfirm takde rejeki nak makan keria viral. Even the q was not moving. Yet. 

Then one hamba allah, a young lady, approached me and hand me over a piece of keria that she managed to grab. She said “awk ambiklah saya bagi free. At least tau rasa dia. Takut tak sampai turn awk…” All eyes were on me. Refused to take the keria at first but looking at her face, she was really sincere. So peganglah seketul keria kat tangan kanan, kiri pegang payung. Hehe

Few minutes later, a young man approached me and hand me over 2 packs of keria!!!! Of course I refused! He insisted. Ok how should i react to this. So i asked him “err berapa ringgit ni ya..byk sangat ni” “eh takpelah kak. Isteri saya pun mengandung ni saya beli utk dia jadi saya beli utk akak jugak”………

Speechless. Allah bless these generous and thoughtful ppl. May Allah grant them more rezeki…

So i walked away from the q with most of the eyes were on me. I was stunned with the generosity ?

We enjoyed the keria so much that we almost finished the whole packs (20pcs) in less than an hour! Considering our tummy full masa tu LOL. The keria were soooooooooooo goooooooddddd alhamdulillah …

We reached KL almost maghrib, mandi solat and out for coin laundry&light dinner hehe. No klebang coconut shake but thats okay. Next pregnancy lah cemtuw ??

Thank you Melaka for the memories, see you again inshaAllah with the new addition in the family amiiiin

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