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So earlier today we went for our 38wks check up. Was quite nervous the whole time because we need only oneeeeeee more week before we can let the baby out. Aci ke ayat cemtuh. Coz next week husband will still be in KK. And i still have to close out my project final review. CNY only we can call “its timeeee babyyyyy” ? So sekarang baby pls help yourself inside ummi buatlah mcm rumah sendiri sementara tunggu walid balik okayy

So i just gained 100gram from my weight 2wks ago ie 60.7kg. Say whatttt. We actually went for brunch at Haslam prior to the checkup — nasi campur ngan roti canai pisang dgn 2gelas air. So i thot that wud make me emm 2kgs heavier, no? In total i’ve gained 13kgs from my pre pregnancy weight. Ok la kan. 

So masa scan i was hoping that the baby took all the 100g plus 100g from i dunno where. Our 36wks recorded 2.6kgs. Today? 2.76kg. When Dr Seri plotted the fetal growth in the chart, it seemed the baby growth is at plateau abit. Growth not as expected. 


“Hmm kenapa eh doc. Saya makan banyak dah… Amniotic fluid ok kan”

“Tu la i tgk mcm plateau ni. Hmm. Let me measure the fluid. So far i nampak normal je. If not i kena induce you…”

Terus muka pucat pandang husben. Dalam hati doa supaya everything is normal. I dun fancy the word induce. Tskkk

“Ok sini ok. Here also ok. Hah… Ur fluid level just fine. Kenapa ni adikkkk. I rasa u memang jenis ruan kecik ni…”

Pandai Dr Seri sedapkan hati i huhu

Oh btw baby still on the high side. Tak turun lagi. Which makes me relief. Coz we need at least another week pretty pls. CNY onwards nanti kita jalan bebanyak ok. Ukur jubin mall, squat dsbg

So next checkup is in 6days. 

Lepas pcmc singgah low yat plaza. Husband nak cari barang. So lepak minum frappe nak kasi berat katanya. But honestly i ate a lot. Err i think. Tho at times i ate in less portion coz my tummy getting smaller i guess. 

As long as the baby is fine and healthy we are more than happy amiiin

So baby pls stay put til next checkup and grow sikit je lagi before we meet okayhhh ❤️

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