The Unforgettable 38w4d Checkup

So a week after we went for another check up. Which was yesterday. The hilarious one i must say. Funny but complicated. Lol

Few days before i was sooo looking forward for birth, coz first; my husband finally here (yay!), second; its about time when Aaqil was born ie at around 38wks, third; cant wait to meet this lil bub, his weight is just niceeee, just the right ‘size’ for me to push him out? I even googled “gentle birthing tips” and “how to induce labor naturally” ha ha thats how serious i was. We even planned the long weekend for jalan2 at mall dari hujung ke hujung just to kickoff the labor ;p

So yesterday, husband teased me. Nak naik tangga tak sampai tingkat 6 (the clinic) . But i replied takpelah, tgk nanti kalau baby belum engagaged kita turun pakai tangga lah. He he.

I gained 2kgs in a week!! Yayy. Siap cakap yesss masa timbang. Nurse tu pun pelik2 tny kenapa suka haha. 

Fiza called my name. Tak sempat nak duduk dpn Dr Seri terus Dr Seri cakap “kausar duk diam2 ya” pastu tgk my face clueless, dia sambung…”Coz i’ll be flying to xxx tonite. I’ll only be back on 1 Feb…”

Buntang mata jap. Taktau nak react camne. Pandang husband. Pastu sengih lama2 tergelak sbb kelakar dr seri cakap gitu ??

Dr Seri kata the plan was adhoc and she has to make this trip yada yada. Family related thingy. Tapi rasa cam kelakarrrr sangat the whole session we were laughing our hearts out sebab now we have to plan to just stay home the whole weekend lol. And no more Jan babyyyy. Dgn Fiza2 pun sama masuk dalam cerita psl cny holiday plan lol

Dr Seri quickly ok let us scan the baby so we know where we’re at. She pressed my tummy. Oooo tinggi lagi ni. Phew baby has not engaged yet. Haha phew okay. And he gained 200g in a week alhamdulillahhh. No more worries. Ummi makan byk. If the babys out after Dr Seri balik, he’ll prolly be 3.2kg camtu whoaaa. Aaqil was only 2.85kg mind you. She even said that she doesnt like to induce her patients just because she’ll be away for vacation its ufair to them. And she’s not keen on ‘giveaway’ her patients to other gynaes. Mcm rasa xbest gitu. Awwww

The head was still ‘floating’ as shown in the ultrasound screen. Not in the birth canal yet. Not just yet. Alhamdulillahh 

Dr Shilpa will be replacing Dr Seri’s cases when shes away. But ye lah of course you want your own gynae to be there when u in labor kan. Plus shes the only muslim lady gynae in the hosp. I want her to sambut my baby…

So. For now, all i can do is not to induce labor naturally just yet. Let the baby snuggle a lil bit longer. Enjoy the last few days being preganant. Aaqil to enjoy his last few days of being the only child. Oh and did i tell you that i’ve begin my nesting instinct — i can spent this cny weekend spring cleaning my wardrobe, my fridge, my freezer… He he

Having said that, on topppppp of everything, the most important thing is my baby is safely delivered, healthy and we both have no complications post delivery. Amiin. Whoever sambut the baby is no 2. Babies know their birthday. Allah knows best. Right. 
Oh we’ll be meeting the gynae again on 2nd Feb! What happen in between today to that date is rahsia Allah. Pray for us!! ❤️

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