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Birth Story : D-Day

3rd Feb 2017


I woke up feeling discomfort. Tried to change my sleeping position few times but I failed to fall asleep. Sigh. No pain just yet. No contraction. Just a bit discomfort. Blamed the half boiled egg i had for dinner. Hehe padan muka. Went to the loo. Takde hasil. Hmm

*terkebil-kebil mata sambil jeles kat suami & Aaqil tido nyenyak*

Few minutes to 0500hrs i started to feel mild cramping. I was unsure whether it was just normal braxton hicks or its THE contraction. So i ignored. 


This is when I started to time my contraction, coz it seemed hmmm regular. Just like what i did during my first labor 🙂

See. Its already 10mins apart! Weehoo! Err thats not how u supposed to respond to a contraction but u get what i mean he he. In between contractions, i tried to sleep but i just cant — mix of feelings ie worried, excited, nervous… 

Azan subuh, I woke up my husband. Told him “sayang, dah sakit tadi since 5pg. Rasa kena pergi hospital ni”. Pergh He woke up, solat, and prepared ‘Aaqil for school and prepped our stuff to bring to hospital. He even managed to iron all his t-shirts that he’ll bring to the hosp. My super husband hehehe. I got up and performed Subuh. Perhaps my last prayer prior to the ‘war’. Beranak ni umpama jihad kan kata orang huhu. It was the longest Subuh ever because remember i was in between contractions. Neves gila nak rukuk ke sujud sebab takut terberanak sbb mcm squat kan…

After subuh i sambung baring. In my mind, let husband send ‘Aaqil to school first. He’ll be back home to fetch me and then we can go to emergency. Perhaps grab some breakfast in between.

Memang tak la kan. 

Husband was not keen to leave me alone at home. So he pujuk me to go mandi. So 7.30am i went mandi and it took me forever to get ready. In the toilet ada 3x contractions. Everytime, i’d hold the sink with my both hands, standing. Tak berani nak squat sebab still kat rumah. Huhu. 


Off we went. I told my family through whatsapp that we were on our way to prince court. It was Home – Petrol station – Aaqil’s school – PCMC btw. The pain was getting stronger. Especially when the road was bumpy. I tried as much not to scream. Along the way i figured that with this amount of pain, if the opening is only 1cm, i swear i’d take epidural. I remember when we went to emergency during Aaqil’s labor, i was so much calmer. And it was 3cm when we arrived. So this time around its either my pain threshold is lesser or the opening is bigger. Prayed for the latter.


Arrived at PCMC emergency. They got me a wheelchair and wheeled me to labour room at Level 6. While my husband parked the car. Sambil tu staff hosp yg tolak tu inteview nak kasi calm kot. Sampai labour room, the midwife asked me to change and she asked me to lie down coz she’ll do the internal check, the VE la ofcourse kan. 

“Ada plan nak pakai epidural ke atau pain mgmt lain…”  inshaallah tak nurse

*the VE*

“Ok betul ni awk taknak gas ke” geleng. Tp kenapa dia tak offer epidural

“Berapa dah nurse”

She grinned. “Dah nak deliver ni. Dah 7cm ya…kalau awk rasa macam nak teran awk tekan butang ni ya utk panggil nurse”

We both smiled with relieved. Kan dah kataaaaa memang sakit dia macam opening dah besar. But this time around my waterbag didnt burst ‘voluntarily’ hehe. 


The contractions already 5mins apart. Dr Seri came in. Happy gila nampak dia and she was equally happy to see us before 5th Feb haha. Siap tanya what did you do (sbb baru je jumpa dia less than 24hrs ago, baby still not engaged) hhehhe. 

She prepped herself and checked me again. 9.5cm way to goooo baby. Didnt feel anything when she breaks my waterbag. Siap tanya nurse air ketuban saya dah pecah ke nurse sebab rasa basah ?

Was soooo excited (in pain). So near but yet so far. The final phase was the most challenging ie PUSHING THE BABY OUT. 

1000hrs (i think ;p)

Dr Seri came in. Another VE, ok 10cm. Ok i can see baby’s hair. But baby dah berak takpe its ok this is normal. She said. Anytime now ok kausar. There were my husband, Dr Seri, midwive and 2 nurses in the room. Dulu time Aaqil ada satu team bola dlm bilik masa nak push haha almaklum lama dalam labor room. Kali ni tak ramai sgt. 

They were all looking at the CTG reader. Ok the contraction coming…. Think I had to went through 2 cycle of contractions with 3 sets of counting (to push) each. It was so painful that i screamed for the first time, “Sakitnya ya Allah!”. Cant remain calm no more huhu. In less than 15mins, at 10.10am, the baby’s out!!! Phew alhamdulillah :):) rasa lega baby tu blubbbb keluar dari my womb was beyond words. Next cord cutting – took out the placenta – episiotomy stitching yaw.

The midwife put my baby on my chest and all i can say was alhamdulillah subhanallah and panasnya baby LOL emotional much. 

Everything happened so fast we even had time to ask for a picture with our Dr Seri, right after she finished stitching me up. Look at our happy faces, minutes after the ‘war’ ?…

Alhamdulillah ❤

Introducing our 2nd mujahid,
Muhammad ‘Arfaan Kamil, weigh 3.13kg, length 49cm, born on 3rd Feb, Friday, at 1010hrs. The 39wks+ carrying you in my womb and 5hrs labor pain were all worth it. I’d say it was an easy and spontaneous delivery indeed alhamdulillah…

May you grow to be a devoted muslim amiin. I’d like to humbly share my doa 5x a day, since the day i knew i was pregnant, 

“Ya Allah lindungilah kandunganku dari sebarang komplikasi. Berikanlah aku kesihatan yang baik sepanjang kehamilan ini. Kurniakanlah kami anak2 yg soleh, taat, sempurna, bijak, comel dan menjadi qurratu’ain buat semua. Permudahkanlah urusan ku melahirkan zuriat ini. Dijauhkan dari sebarang komplikasi. Permudahkanlah urusan confinement ku nanti. Rabbi yassir wala tuassir ya karim. Bismillahillazi la yadhurru ma’asmihi syai un fil ardhi wala fissamaa’i wahuwassamii’ul ‘aliim…”

Amalkan surah Yusuf, Luqman, Maryam, dan Taubah, memang surah2 ni agak panjang so it’ll take me few nights to finish each surah. 2 pages/nite. Surah Luqman je pendek sikit leh habis sekali baca. Lepas dah fullterm tu ulang baca surah Maryam je. Moga amalan ni sedikit sebanyak permudahkan urusan kehamilan dan proses melahirkan bayi inshaallah. Future reminder for me as well 🙂

Birth Story : T minus 1

Feb 2nd, 12noon our 39w4d checkup. A day after Dr Seri came back from her holiday. Upon entering her room i said “Yay am still pregnant! Baby behave” lol. Dr Seri gelak haha. She was in casual attire since she’s still in vacation mode. Ada 3 patient je aritu so cepat jugakla sampai turn kitorang. So borak2 sikit then she said, “Lets have a look how the babys doing..”

I have this thing about ultrasound. I wont look at the screen so much. I’d look at the doc/sonographer’s expression. So i noticed that Dr Seri looked concern *lap peluh*. Well alhamdulillah..the baby’s fine, cord’s fine, amniotic fluid fine, placenta’s fine. But the look explained when she said,

 “Since this is a precious pregnancy, i cant let you go over 40wks. I have to schedule you for an induction on the edd (6 feb) sbb takut ada any complication kalau kita tunggu lagi. Other gynae will opt for caesarean for case like u. Tapi u’ve done this before kan kausar. U can go normal delivery tapi kena induce la ya…”

Lebih kurang macamtu. Oh btw the baby’s not engaged yet *sigh* Guess that evening walk at Taman Titiwangsa (the day before) didnt give much progress in that department huuu

                Our 39wks+ selfie hehe

So her instruction was for us to get admitted on 5th Feb after dinner and prep for the next morning delivery! Phew! ONLY IF the baby decided not to make his debut earlier hehehhe. Dr Seri reminds us not to take any air selusuh just to force the baby out – fyi, u’ll feel strong contractions but u wont be dilated, no progress. 

Half hearted ly we took the admission form. Whatever the best for you baby. But deep down inside was still hoping for a naturally induced delivery, just like ‘Aaqil last time. Takpe kata orang rezeki lain2 kan. May Allah ease this time around.

We didnt want to give in. That afternoon we went to One Utama shopping complex and we walk for 2hours straight to each level, from new wing to old wing. Sambil tu sempat stop for baskin robbins haha. At around 5.15 we made a move and went to pick up Aaqil at skool. 

We got back home and after maghrib we went to Wangsa Walk for dinner. Tried ourlt the new Jombali outlet. Out of the blue, i ordered 2 half boiled eggs as sides. Haha. I finished em but not my nasi goreng. The portion was too big i guess. Then we take a walk until the mall closed. Sambung yg petang tadi punya jalan2.

But still, no sign of contraction *sigh* So i posted this pic at my instagram acc,

Yassss 5.5km!! Way to go ???? but yeah…no sign just yet hmm

… to be continued