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Brotherly Love

‘Aaqil has been the only child for 5 yrs! He never had to share his toys. He never had to share his stuff. And more importantly he never had to share his Ummi & Walid. Hehe

Did i tell you that he never liked babies. Ok rephrase. He didnt have feelings for babies. Kalau jumpa little cousins he wont play with em or even notice their existance (lol). He’ll do his thing. Dia pernah cakap;

“‘Aaqil suka kawan yg lagi besar dari ‘Aaqil”

“‘Aaqil nak sayang baby ummi (adik) je bukan baby lain..” when i was pregnant with ‘Arfaan.

The whole 9 months he was beyond happy waiting for the arrival of his ‘friend’. He would kiss my tummy. Talk to the baby. And even has plan for the baby when the baby is out he he

Their first photo as brothers ❤ 03/02/2017.
The first few weeks was quite tough. He was like fighting for attention. Tiba2 tak boleh gi toilet sendiri. Tiba2 nak teman selalu(dalam rumah). Tiba2 nak ummi suap makan. Semua yg clingy lah. Dah macam bukan dia yang sgt independent sebenarnya. And boy I was stressed out bcoz of this. Long before i realized that it is just a new big brother who has been the only child for 5yrs, going through a new phase, wanting for attention.

Day by day I can see that his love for ‘Arfaan grows. Especially during his ‘ponteng’ days from skool. He’ll help me with diaper changing, tengok ‘Arfaan mandi, singing lullaby to him, keep ‘Arfaan company when im taking my (short and sweet) bath/cooking/doing housechores. And the list goes on. Though he always ask “ummi, kenapa baby tak terus besar” or “ummi, kenapa baby besar lambat sangat”…  #facepalm. 

When he came back from his 1st day of school here, I can see that he misses ‘Arfaan even more. He would kiss all over ‘Arfaan and talks to him using soft voice. And it was very spontaneous! ‘Arfaan on the other hand, now very expressive, would respond to him with his cheeky smile. Awwwwhh 😍 

Sometimes I wonder whether is there any jealousy or inferiority involved since obviously my attention will be more to the baby. So to avoid that, I’d make an effort to give the same attention if not more. Contoh “lepas adik tidur ummi tidurkan ‘Aaqil ok” atau “nanti lepas ummi susukan baby ummi lukis utk ‘Aaqil ya…” I hope slowly and surely he’ll get used to having ‘other sibling’ in the house he he

Moga ‘Aaqil akan jadi abang yang baik, penyayang, melindungi adik2nya dan menjadi contoh yg baik buat mereka. Dan semoga tiada rasa cemburu rasa iri rasa yang negatif antara kamu, hanya rasa kasih dan hormat inshaallah…

 I love you so much my boys ❤