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HK Winter Trip 2017

So we went to HK again last Dec. This time around with our kids. Haha! Our first time in HK was waaay back in 2010, feel free to korek old entries ;p

So some fun facts that I just jot down here for memories sake 😍❀️

1. It was crazy peak at HK on year end. We had bad experience with small sqft hotel during our trip 7yrs ago. So this time around, to find a big hotel with reasonable rate with strategic location was super impossible. I was incharged for accommodation so I refresh agoda/airbnb/bookingcom younameit every single hour of the day haha. Generally the hotel at HK is less than 20msq. Finally we (well, IπŸ’…πŸΌ) found an apartment in Central HK! Only 5mins walk to MTR, got kitchen, king bed, small hall and its 80msq!!! WIN! Siap ada laundry area. We stayed there for 5nights! The kids were beyond happy sebab tiap hari dpt berendam dalam bath tub dia haha

2. So sebab dah ada dapur, I usung la periuk dan bahan masak semua hehe. Bawang besar, potato, santan, kunyit, minyak, garam, beras, rempah sup, perencah tomyam. Sambal kering. Megi. Brahims. Roti. Semua sikit2. Nearby the apartment there were few grocery stores so we stocked up eggs, mineral water(utk masak jgk) and dishwasher. Kena kreatif la bila masak di perantauan with limited ingredients haha. So boleh masak nasi goreng, nasi lemak, scramble egg, french toast, nasi putih makan ngan lauk brahims. Asalkan perut kenyang anak2 tak meragam hehe

3. Since we stayed for 8days and to move around HK only took less than one hour so we were not on musafir mode. We rearrange our iteneraries to suit the timing for prayers. So we managed to visit all 3 mosques in HK! One in Kowloon and 2 in Central πŸ™‚ Alhamdulillah such a blessing. One of the mosque even has a canteen which serve halal chinese food and dimsum! Score! You can also easily find a room/space to perform your solat at any tourist spots. Just ask around they’ll help you. HK is so muslim friendly now ❀️

4. We didnt remember that HK is an expensive city. High cost of living! Perhaps coz it was just 2 of us 7yrs ago lol. Imagine naik taxi starting HK24 which is equivalent to RM12! And it’s roughly HK10/km. And meal is around HK70/pax. Haha koyak poket tiap hari makan luar 3x. Sebabtu disarankan at least masak sekali sehari huhu. Pisang pun HK5/pc kahkah

5. Disneyland is wayyyyyy better than before. Got 3 halal restaurants. Got prayer room with propoer wudhu’ area. Got Return Pass means parents boleh gilir naik ride sambil sorang lg jaga anak takyah q lagi sekali cool gila. Got additional 2 lands ie Toy Story land and Grizzly Gulch. So memang tak sempat kaver semua for 12hrs hehhe. Mana dgn anak2 nak susu nak makan nak berak nak tidur. Tapi alhamdulillah sebab kitorg stay dkt Disney Hollywood Hotel so ada free shuttle dan ada free 2 fastpass! Memang ‘aaqil enjoy sesangat. ‘Arfaan pun siap naik 2 rides. Tapi yang kelakar gila i told my husband ada 4 syarat sah Disneyland kita tak buat; amik gambar dgn castle(sedar2 dah malam), amik gambar dgn Disney characters (sbb tak jmp pon), tgk Disney parade (sbb lapar so makan adalah prioriti haha) dan paling takleh blah adalah TAK TENGOK FIREWORKS (sebab tersekat dlm crowd dan end up duk belakang pokok besar.nmpk sayup2 je). Oh btw ‘Aaqil naik Space Mountain rollercoaster lepastu masa dah habis dia nangis sebab takut sangat hahaha. Sian tapi pastu dia just laugh it off bila kitorg ulang cite pasal tu πŸ˜‚

6. Dua benda yang kitorang tak rekemen adalah Ocean Park dan BigBus unless you spend the whole day from morning to night just utk dua2 tu. Ocean Park really hugeeeee. And sooo many pipollll. Dan park ni ramai warga emas compared ngan families dunno y πŸ€” Yang Big Bus tu pulak they dont have dedicated bus stop sign so few times we were like running around tahan bas and last sekali give up so kitorg menapak je balik. Burn tambang tu sbb kitorang naik sekejap je

7. For those who plan to go HK with kids, I recommend you to go to The Peak, Sky428, Sky100, Disneyland, Ngong Ping and JANGAN PERGI MASA YEAR END HOLIDAY if you dont like crowd. If you have limited time, stay at Disney hotel 2 nights, then at Tsim Sha Tsui (strategic sbb senang halal food and nak cross to pulau via ferry) another 2 nights. Cukup 5hari 4malam tapi mmg pack. Kalau nak leisure kena stretch sikit timing tu jadi 6malam ke cemtew

8. We bought almost all tickets through their price was a bargain with additional discounts. We even bought Octopus card(macam touch and go) , food coupons for Disneyland from that apps. Really convenient. If you plan to move around a lot using public transport, please buy the Octopus almost similar function as Oyster at London. You can actually use it to ride MTR, busses around the city, tram and even to buy popcorn at Ocean Park haha. Buy the Octopus tourist pass so that you can get back full remaining balance of your card upon returning the card. Kalau normal pass (for locals) they’ll charge you HK10 tak silap bila pulangkan card. Kitorang pulangkan Octopus kat airport lepas check in flite back to KL, duit balance Octopus tu cukuplah nak lapik perut kat Popeye’s (HALAL!) kt HKIA tuh. Hehe. Balance HK2 je balik Msia punya lah pandai spend duit kan ngam ngam soi πŸ™„πŸ™„

9. The weather was sooooo nice and breezy. Takde hujan pun alhamdulillah. Siang dlm 19c, malam dlm 13c kot. The kids mmg pakaikan long sleeve dan backup cardigan. I didnt wear any sweaters sbb boleh je tahan sejuk tu. Sejenis kulit tebal (baca : lemak tepu) kahkah. Dan syukur alhamdulillah the kids well fed, tak cranky dan sihat sepanjang trip. Cuma ‘Aaqil la kalau tak larat jalan then dia naik stroller n husband kena pakai sling bawak ‘Arfaan.

10. So funny because we both contemplating to do IG story. Dua2 takmau. Update blog punyalah dragging malas. Husband rajin tolong update kat IG maceh yangggg. Btw entri ni taip sejak 3 hari lepas ni baru nak conclude. Faktor usia mungkin.Haha.Ok next entri inshaallah nak tepek random pictures πŸ™‚ staytuned!

Hello 2018

Been neglecting this blog for almost a year. Ha ha.

Dont know where to start. ‘Arfaan turning ONE in few weeks time😱 ‘Aaqil will be SIX next weekend! Husband still at KK πŸ™„

We braved and survived 2017. Eventful year indeed.

Hope to at least write something on weekly basis. Tak, bukan azam tahun baru. Cuma sis cuba ok. Sebab sayang sangat blog ni ❀️❀️